9 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Hospital Bag

Pack In Your Hospital Bag

First comes love, then comes baby, then comes a lot of stuff you need for a baby wow who knew!


9 Things You Absolutely Need In Your Hospital Bag

Having a baby is a gift, a miracle, an exciting time. But your body/mind/soul/spirit may disagree. You’re put through the ringer and there’s no turning back. You might know exactly when your baby coming but chances are you REALLY don’t know. So don’t be a character in a rom-com, have your hospital bag ready to go at a moments notice. Leave it in your car, leave it with your significant other but have one! These are the 6 things you absolutely need in your hospital bag.

1. Toilet Paper

This might sound funny but it’s true. Hospitals have crappy (ha) toilet paper and you sure don’t have time for that! After all you’ve been through, please, treat your nether regions with respect and splurge on the softest ply you can find.

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2. A robe

You’ll be in and out of hospital gowns, and well, naked from the waist down most of the time. So again, treat yourself, or your partner to a plush, nice ass robe. Once the baby is here you’ll be in and out of it constantly, and you’ll be greeted by second cousins at a moment’s notice so you might as well be comfortable. If you’re not a robe person then bring some comfy clothes, and ideally pants that don’t have elastic that could rest on your stomach uncomfortably. If you have a cesarean section, a dress could be your best bet.

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3. Headband/ponytails/clips

Anything that’ll keep your hair out of your face. I have a feeling you really won’t want something so trivial to annoy you so much when, um, pushing life into this world…

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4. Music

Make a playlist that’ll get you motivated, calm, happy, or both. You’ll want something to listen to when you’re in labor and maybe by doing so your child will be the next Paul McCartney.

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5. Cell phone and charger

Hopefully most people will know not to bother you, or call you for that matter, but when and if you’re ready to see people you’ll have a nice charged up phone. Oh, and if your labor ends up being a little longer than you hoped, you can play words with friends while waiting for your LIFE LONG friend!

6. Roku or Amazon Fire Stick

Depending on your hospital, doctors, and nurses, you might want to bring some entertainment for yourself and your lovely partner. Might as well catch up on some of the best TV out there before it’s too late!

7. Goodies for the nurses

These fine people will be doing A LOT to help you so why not thank them in the form of food, snacks, or gift cards. They do some pretty incredible work so showing gratitude can go a long way. Maybe your good karma will rub off on your newborn!

8.Baby essentials

I mean obviously, right? Newborn outfit (or two), diapers, swaddle, and definitely a car seat.

9. Glasses or extra contacts

This might be an odd one but your contacts can get dry and irritating and if you do go into surgery you may have to take them out. If you’re falling in and out of sleep, it’s best to have your glasses near you so you don’t worry about infections. And with an spare pair of either you’ll be able to see your new bundle of joy as clearly as possible.


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