5 Helpful Organic Tampon Reviews for Women

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5 Helpful Organic Tampon Reviews for Women

Tampons! Always a natural topic of conversation, isn't it? The funny thing about menstruation is that women don't openly get to talk about it much. But now we are!

Seeing as menstruation is a natural occurrence that happens monthly it is often ignored, pushed aside, or looked down upon. In school, boys might not learn much about periods and girls might still have questions. And that's in countries with access to information.

For disenfranchised young girls, access to proper health care, and education, is slim to none. In Kenya, girls miss school because they don't have access to tampons or pads. We live in a world where girls can't go to school, every month, because of something so natural that happens to their bodies! For women who are homeless, access to tampons are minimal, often times leaving them with a choice between food or sanitary napkins.

Another issue with tampons? The labeling. For the companies behind tampons, pads, and sanitary napkins, they "don't have to fully disclose their ingredients" and are often times comprised of material like synthetic rayon which is linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Additionally, many organic tampon companies have vowed to help girls in developing nations have access to sanitary napkins, ones that won't put them at risk for TSS or other debilitating factors.

So, if you've heard about organic tampons and want to know more, we've found five organic tampon reviews that detail various companies and options that could work best for you.

Why Use Organic Tampons?

For many women, it's important to put organic, safe, or clean products into, ahem, their bodies. "Regular" tampons can be made of synthetic fibers such as rayon. Some women would prefer not to use materials like rayon in a sensitive area, every month. More importantly, women are starting to use organic tampons to reduce risk of TSS, toxic shock syndrome, which can be a serious issue for ladies who use tampons. Some people may dispute the notion of using organic products but if you want to learn more, scroll down for five organic tampon reviews.

Organic Tampons Reviews:

1. L. Products Organic Tampon Review

Vlogger, AsiaKai Dang reviews L. organic tampons and panty liners. She describes the benefits to using these specific organic tampons and how they are different from other companies, non-organic products included. She's light and funny with her reviews which makes watching this review enjoyable.

2. Cora Organic Tampon Review

YouTuber, Tracy Timberlake explains why she likes the brand, Cora for her organic tampon needs. Timberlake touches upon an important issue in regards to mensuration cycles. Many girls from across the world in developing countries miss school every time they get their period. Often times it's because they don't have access to safe, affordable hygiene products. Cora has partnered with ZanaAfrica Foundation which helps girls in Kenya obtain proper sanitary pads and teaches girls proper health education.

3. General Organic Tampons Review

Are you on the fence about the idea of switching to organic tampons? This review will clear up any misconceptions or questions you might have about cleaner sanitary napkins. The more information you learn, the more you'll feel prepared to make the switch.

4. Lola Organic Tampon Review

Founded by two women, Lola has you covered with a subscription to natural tampons. The organic tampon review is extremely helpful. From first person experiences to understanding the legislation behind what goes into tampons, you'll feel well-educated.

5. NatraCare Organic Tampons Review

Wonder what the difference between an organic tampon and a regular tampon boils down to? This review will compare and contrast NatraCare and Playtex tampons. If you love a good science experience, this natural tampon review is up your alley.

Where to Buy Organic Tampons

If you want to try organic tampons, there are a plethora of places to purchase your new best friend.

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days and sanitary napkins aren't left out of the fad. If you want organic tampons delivered to your door, look into the following subscription packages:

  • SHE. 100% organic cotton tampons delivered monthly.

  • Brandless made without fragrance, dye, chlorine, or rayon, you'll feel safe with this simple but effective tampon.

  • Kali Boxes allows you to design your own box and customize your wellness. A simple quiz will help find exactly what you need.

  • Tampon Tribe mix and match pads or organic tampons, you get to decide what works for you each month. Heavy and light days are taken care of with this subscription option.

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