20 Nancy Drew Quotes That'll Solve All the Mysteries In Your Life

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Nancy Drew to the rescue!

If You Recite 20 Nancy Drew Quotes You'll Transform Into the Best Sleuth

Maybe you read the books. Maybe you've seen the movies. But any amateur sleuth has emulated the one and only, Nancy Drew.

I certainly pretended to be Nancy Drew when spying on my sister, eavesdropping in on my parents, are parading around the neighborhood. Now, I can relive some childhood nostalgia with these astute Nancy Drew quotes. From remade modern movies to all of the beloved books, we've collected a whole bunch of quotes from Nancy Drew.

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Nancy Drew Quotes

  • "Do act mysterious. It always keeps them coming back for more."

  • "Romance and detective work won't mix tonight!"

  • "I just know that any time I undertake a case, I'm apt to run into some kind of a trap."

  • "Read, read, read. That's all I can say."

  • "I promise to be as careful as a pussycat walking up a slippery roof."

  • "I don't promise to forget the mystery, but I know I'll have a marvelous time."

  • " I just can't help it!"

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Great Nancy Drew Quotes

  • "Oh yes, I think every intelligent woman should have a career."

  • "Those men are not going to stand for Nancy Drew poking her little nose into their affairs."

  • "I guess it's just my woman's intuition. Every woman has one, you know."

  • "Okay, if...if needing your friends means you're a loser, then I'm the biggest loser of all, cause you guys make me forget I live in this one-horse town everyday."

  • "Can you tell when a girl looks at you and is thinking how much she likes you and is wondering if you like her and thinking how important it is for you to say how you feel before she says anything more about how she feels about you or anyone else they might be jealous of because she's already said how she feels how she's said in her own way?"

  • "I like old fashioned things."

  • "Phone call. Long distance from Scotland. Something about the Loch Ness Monster and some missing diamonds."

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Quotes from Nancy Drew

  • "If you shoot me, that'll leave all kinds of evidence. Really messy. Strangulation leaves a traceable handprint."

  • "Hello. I'm Nancy Drew. It's nice to meet you. May I ask who you are?"

  • "Excuse me, I have to defuse this bomb."

  • "There’s got to be an explanation. So, what do we know? One, we know a black Mercedes was looking around Twin Elms. Two, we know somebody came in here and scared us half to death. And three, we know it felt insanely real."

  • "I told you this is going to be awesome."

  • "Delivering justice, it’s my duty."

  • "Having fun is so much more fun with you in it."

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