The Best Music to Listen to When You Have Anxiety

The Best Music to Listen to When You Have Anxiety
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Plug in and breathe out.

The Best Music to Listen to When You Have Anxiety

Anxiety. That constant pit deep down inside some of us. It can rear it's ugly head at the most inopportune times. Before a date, during a job interview, or when you're having a blast with your friends. It does not discriminate and sometimes, it feels like it's impossible to get rid of it.

While, I wish I had a cure for it, I do have something that might help. Music! From ambient sounds to classical bravados, we've found the best compilation of music to help with anxiety. So, when you're feeling anxious or want to calm yourself, pop your headphones in, take a deep, powerful breath, and kiss anxiety goodbye.

1. Weightless

This music comes highly recommended, and for good reason. If you need a quick restart, load this bad boy up and listen for a few minutes. You don't need two hours, just a few moments. Pop out of a meeting, turn it up when you're stuck in traffic, whatever you do it will help reduce anxiety instantly.

2. Moonlight

Let Beethoven whisk your worries away. Simple piano and light music will allow you to relax when confronted with anxiety. Download this song, or any classical music to help ease your pain. Share with a friend who needs it and you'll be everyone's hero.

3. Classical

It's been scientifically proven that classical music reduces stress. So what are you waiting for? Here's a compilation of classical tunes from the greatest artists in the world. Let Mozart calm you while Chopin figuratively rubs your shoulders. You'll start to recognize some of the more famous songs thus, educating yourself on classical music. Bye, bye anxiety... hello, Bach.

4. Tranquility

If you haven't heard of Enya, here ya go. Her unique sound and talent will surely impress you but her tranquil music will put you at ease. If you're suffering from anxiety attacks, her music will transform you to another place, allowing you to catch your breath and steady your mind. This compilation is a lengthy two hours which is certainly enough to go around.

5. Seasons

If you're looking for a mixture of upbeat and slower music, you've found the right place. A gaggle of songs are assigned to each season, allowing your mood to be affected by a plethora of relaxing sounds. Have this music handy before a big presentation at work or on a long flight, you'll be zen in no time.

6. Peace

The tranquil sounds of waves crashing and other ambient noises will help relax anyone with anxiety. Might we suggest laying on your back in a dimly lit room, palms to the ceiling, with your eyes closed? This technique, corpse pose, is extremely relaxing when practicing yoga but if you feel a panic attack coming on, this music will help with your sudden anxiety.

7. Meditation

If you need a moment to meditation, listen here. With soothing sounds that block out the daily noises and distractions, you will find inner peace that works for you. If you want to actively work towards avoiding anxiety or attacks, start meditating morning or night and watch how your mind and body changes.

8. Stillness

And here we are, our last option. For ultimate stillness, this is your best bet. Close your eyes, tune out your world, and focus on your breathing with help from this anxiety reducing music. Share it with your friends, family, yoga partners, nemesis, or carpool and you'll be spreading stillness to those around you.

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