8 Movies About Plastic Surgery to Boost Your Self-Love

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Under the knife or under the covers...

8 Movies About Plastic Surgery to Boost Your Self-Love

Beauty, beauty, beauty. There are thousands of magazines, websites, Instagrams, and businesses dedicated to beauty. Making you feel beautiful, healthy, or more confident might be a goal but really, trying to sell goods and services is a larger priority. It's no wonder that the beauty industry is estimated at $445 billion dollars.

And the entertainment industry perpetuates a standard of beauty, doesn't it? Employing the most attractive people makes a statement that is hard to ignore. So, it shouldn't be shocking to learn that the plastic surgery industry is estimated at a whopping 6.5 billion dollars. From eyelid surgery to breast augmentation, plastic surgery is extremely sought after in America. And to each their own! If plastic surgery helps an individual feel better about themselves, who are we to judge? But sometimes, insecurities overwhelm us and we compare ourselves to other people and feel the need to change how we look.

But, thanks to Hollywood, these eight movies about plastic surgery will boost your self-love because they hit on the extremes of plastic surgery, and ultimately why people go under the knife. From ridiculous comedies to heartfelt family dramas, you'll remember why it's important to alter judgement be it to ourselves or others, when it comes to physical differences.

1. Goodnight Mommy

Watch it here.

This Austrian horror movie scared audiences in 2015 and now you can rewatch the horror unravel too! When twins, Elias and Lukas are reunited with their mother, something isn't as it seems. She's undergone reconstructive surgery and her face is wrapped in bandages. When she starts acting strange the twins worry their mother isn't at all what she seems. Something to consider if you want reconstructive surgery: how will your family react?

2. Face/Off

Watch it here.

What could go wrong when an FBI agent undergoes plastic surgery to look like a known terrorist, in hopes to stop him before he causes more damage? A fun 90's movie, I tell ya! Plastic surgery can be a positive aspect for many people, and it's an individual's right to choose to do so. But honestly, who knew it could help track down Nicolas Cage?

3. Behind the Candelabra

Watch it here.

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas star in Steven Soderbergh's, Liberace biopic. Damon, plays Scot Thorson a young man who would become Liberace's secret partner for five years. The craziest part of their relationship? Liberace insisted Thorson go under the knife resulting in a new face that resembled the flamboyant entertainer.

4. Death Becomes Her

Watch it here.

This fun cult-hit raises questions on beauty, age, and acceptance. When Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn take a magical potion to stay young forever, unusual things start to happen. A rather silly movie, you'll be happy to age gracefully after watching these youth-obsessed characters.

5. The Skin I Live In

Watch it here.

Antonio Banderas stars as Robert, a plastic surgeon who has developed the ability to create artificial skin resistant to burns and bites. He keeps, Vera captive, in order to work on his science experiment in private and away from the medical community. With bizarre twists and turns, this movie is definitely about plastic surgery, whether or not that's a good thing is up to you.

6. Wonder

Watch it here.

A fantastic example of positive reconstructive surgery, Wonder tells the fictional story of Auggie, a fifth-grader who was homeschooled due to medical issues. An inspiring and heartfelt movie, Auggie represents many things; the desire to fit in, the need to feel beautiful but more importantly, that we should accept others as human beings and treat each other as such.

7. Just Go With It

Watch it here.

Adam Sandler stars as a successful plastic surgeon in Los Angeles looking for love. In typical Sandler form, he pokes fun at plastic surgery in an outlandish and ridiculous way. That being said, it's a gentle reminder that too much of a good thing isn't always... a good thing.

8. Vanilla Sky

Watch it here.

I have seen this film and still don't know what it's about. But, there's a major subplot about Tom Cruise's character, David Aames and his obsession with being beautiful. Plastic surgery, a creepy mask, and some serious twists and turns will have you rethinking the shallow things in life.

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