Lauer Had A Button To Shut A Door, Here Are 5 Things Women Need One For

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If Only These 5 Buttons Were Real On Women's Office Desks

It's been rough out there for women. I don't even have to list all the awful, horrible, and uncomfortable things women have gone through in recent times. With each story, weird, creepy details come to light that make you think "hmm". Weinstein, Louis C.K., even Matt Lauer, who evidently, had a button underneath his desk that could lock his office door, all so he didn't have to get up to do such a thing. So, we've been thinking, what desk buttons would women like to see in the new year? And so an investigation begins…

1. My Eyes Are Up Here Button

This seems obvious, right? Be it a Hawaiian shirt or a casual silk blouse, it often feels like we need to remind members of the opposite sex, that in fact, our eyes are up here.

2. Don't Comment On My Food Button

A high-powered executive once made a comment as I was making a peanut butter sandwich in the same room as him. He dared utter, "wow, you know that's not healthy for you" and left the kitchen before I could cut my crusts off like a five-year-old child. I didn't care about the health contents of JIF peanut butter, nor did I care about this millionaire's opinion of it. So, gentlemen (and ladies) please remember that unless invited to comment on someone's lunch, many people don't want to hear your opinion about a Trader Joe's microwavable burrito.

3. I Have Not Lost Weight But Thanks For Asking Button

This, too, feels obvious. It's great to work out with a coworker, join an office volleyball team, what have you! But commenting on weight gain, or loss, is a no-no. Now if only we had a button like Dr. Evil

4. I Wasn't Done Talking But Sure, Go Ahead Button

An oldie but a goodie. Ideally, we're taught not to interrupt at a young age. It's rude, it's incredibly annoying, and it brings the conversation to an abrupt halt. Overpowering, bulldozing, or steamrolling; whatever you want to call it, it is so common in the workplace that coworkers or bosses may never realize it. People in power, thus, men in power should realize when someone else is talking and take notes.

5. Didn't Need To Hug You Goodbye Button

Yeah, just don't do it.


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