You'll Be a 'Big Shot' with These Kendrick Lamar Instagram Captions

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'Humble' via Top Dawg - Aftermath -Interscope

Sit down. Be humble.

Kendrick Lamar Instagram Captions

If you love Kendrick Lamar, we found the best lyrics from all his albums, perfect for your IG captions. And if you're a true fan, don't miss him in this summer, he might be on tour near you. He has fans in all shapes and sizes who enjoy his award-winning music -- so much so he received a Pulitzer Prize. He officially does not have to be humble anymore.

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Kendrick Lamar Lyrics for Selfie Instagram Captions

• "Nobody pray for me, it's been that day for me"

• "It's levels to it, you and I know"

• "I get way too petty once you let me do the extras"

• "Sit down - be humble"

• "I don't fabricate it, ayy, most of y'all be fakin', ayy"

• "Don't judge me, won't you tell a friend y'all gon' see"

• "Ask for a piece of mine, you charged me for it"

• "They won't take me out my element nah, take me out my element"

• "This ain't what you want, this ain't what you want "

• "Why it's hard for me to smile? 'Cus I seen a lot, you ain't really in the field you just tweet a lot"

• "The reason my power's here on earth salute the truth, when the prophet say"

Kendrick Lamar Lyrics for Couples Instagram Captions

• "It's a secret society all we ask is trust"

• "I'm always on your mind, I put my lyric and my lifeline on the line"

• "Tell me when your loyalty is comin' from the heart"

• "Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely, livin' lovely just love me"

• "If I minimized my net worth, would you still (love me)?"

• "I kill 'em with kindness or I kill 'em with diamonds"

• "I ain't gon' hold you, I ain't gon' press you, never control you"

• "If you need someone to call I'm the man for the task"

• "I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA"

• "King don't lie, king give heart, king get by, king don't fall"

• "Tell me who's gon' save me from this hell without you, I'm all alone"

• "This a great idea, this will be girlfriend joint right here"


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Kendrick Lamar Lyrics for The Haters Instagram Captions

• "Run the atlas, I'm a natural, I'm alright"

• "You actin' shifty, you don't ride, with me no more, I need - loyalty, loyalty, loyalty"

• "With a sworn nemesis, he'll make it, take the gratitude from him, I bet he'll show you somethin'"

• "Give me a run for my money there is nobody, no one to outrun me"

• "Most of y'all just envy, but jealousy get you killed"

• "Most of y'all throw rocks and try to hide your hand"

• "Just say his name and I promise that you'll see Candyman"

• "Most of y'all tell lies - Most of y'all don't fade - Most of y'all been advised

• "My name gon' hold up, my team gon' hold up"

• "Ay, they better call a paramedic in the street I got leverage in the street"

• "My DNA not for imitation, your DNA an abomination"


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