Jake Owen Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Jake Owen, country music
'American Country Love Song' via RCA Nashville

It's a 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' for your Instagram captions!

Jake Owen Lyrics for Instagram Captions

It's almost like Jake Owen wrote his songs for your Instagram captions. You can quote his lyrics from songs like, 'Beachin', 'American Country Love Song' or 'Eight Second Ride'. If you're at the beach, a local fair, or drinking with your buddies, let Jake Owen help you with your social media!

• "We went ridin' around rockin' to the sound of a country boy can survive"

• "I said, "Climb on up but honey watch the cup that I spittin' my dip inside and hold on tight 'cuz it's gonna be wilder then any eight second ride"

• "Hold on tight 'cuz it's gonna be wilder then any eight second ride"

• "Everybody out there keepin' it country"

• "I'll go anywhere, anywhere with you"

• "I travel light and my bags are packed just as long as I'm where you're at"

• "A full moon shining bright edge of the water we were feelin' alright"

• "Caught up in a southern summer barefoot blue jean night"

• "Sittin' looking pretty by the fire in a lawn chair"

• "Yeah, we were settin' the world on fire"

• "Honey, you know me, I'll always be tryin' to set the world on fire"

Thanks @countryfestwi ! Always a blast🤙🏽 📸 @matthewpaskert

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• "Well it's a Southern summer whiskey's in the air, dogs on the burner"

• "Gotta hop on the old dirt road to the days of gold"

• "Out here it's good times for miles"

• "I'll be buzzin' on you honey like a bumblebee"

• "I got a Margarita here in my hand, doin' a little drinkin'"

• "Hanging around, rockin' the crowd everybody singing along to my songs"

• "So I guess I'll be the life of the party"

• "That American country love song"

• "In the back of an old Ford truck in the bar, just looking for love"

• "In a pair of—oh my—blue eyes, let them fireworks start"

• "All the bad and good as it gets, to the ones that you ain't met yet"

Can't wait. 🤟🏽🤟🏽

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• "We were singing every word on the radio"

• "Kinda like them songs could save our souls"

• "Two American kids just like them every time we play"

• "Do you turn it up, do you sing along every time you hear that song?"

• "Do you close your eyes, does it make you laugh"

• "Way back when I was Jack and you were Diane"

• "Girl just like rock 'n' roll, where's it gone"

• "Yeah do the memories take you back"