Our Favorite Instagram Accounts Showcasing Beautiful Bookshelves

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Shelfie envy!

13 Instagram Accounts That'll Give You Serious Bookshelf Envy

If you love reading there's a pretty good chance you've created quite the collection.

And your books need a good home! We're all guilty of piling up some next to our beds or in our living rooms but give them a proper resting place with a great bookshelf. If you need inspiration we've found some of the coolest bookshelves on Instagram!

So grab your books and get to perfecting the art of the #shelfie. Give your books a great home and start snapping away with help from these 12 Instagram bookshelves accounts!

1. Lea Lost in Books

If you enjoy reading fantasy then this account is right for you! You'll be inspired to organized your novels on your bookshelf in no time. Add your favorite trinkets and your house will feel like a home.

2. Book Sugar

Have you always wanted to color coordinate your bookshelf? Now you can with help from Book Sugar. Follow along for the most aesthetically pleasing shelfies on Instagram!

3. Enchanted Bookshelf

Talk about bookshelf envy! You will definitely be enchanted by this Instagram bookshelf account. You might even be inspired to add more to your collection so you can create something similar.

4. Silkreads

If you want a little more hygge in your life (and bookshelves) this is the account for you. Feel warm, cozy, and homey when you scroll through this Instagram account dedicated to the more pleasant looking bookshelves.

5. Ideal Bookshelf

The ideal bookshelf is an awesome account to follow if you want to add some bookshelf art to your home. You can choose a number of book selections in the form of art and add it to your home decor. It's a great account for the person looking to perfect the #shelfie.

6. Gii Books

Gii books proves that your bookshelf doesn't have to be strictly books. Add figurines and tchotchkes to your shelves to add more personality! And if you love a literary character (we see you Harry Potter fans) then they deserve room on that shelf too.

7. Sweet Book Obsession

Having trouble incorporating color into your decor? Add some to your bookshelves. Organize your library by color, keep it simple by flipping the books around, or create a rainbow in your living room. Sweet Book Obsession can help color coordinating your beautiful bookshelves.

8. Lori Imagination

If you're not a big fan of color, turn your books around and present your bookshelf in a more unison way! Lori Imagination is a great resource and Instagram inspiration for a more unique way to style your bookshelf. Add flowers, candles, or some books with their covers exposed and you'll have an Instagram-able bookshelf yourself!

9. Robby Reads

Robby Reads is your go-to colorful bookshelf inspiration. Turn your guest room into a full-fledged library with art, literary accessories, and a cozy reading nook!

10. Lese Verliebt

You don't have to speak German to appreciate a good bookshelf Instagram. Get vintage books or previous owned novels to really fill out your spacious home library.

11. Good Vibes Good Books

Bookshelves don't have to be huge or expensive and Good Vibes Good Books proves you can do anything you want with a simple shelf. Visit Target or Ikea for affordable options and start your collection slowly if need be!

12. Pages Bookstore

Last but certainly not least, follow Pages Bookstore for some professional bookshelf inspiration. They have a large selection of fiction, cookbooks, and children's stories. Why not go to a professional for some #shelfie innovation!?

13. B.Books.s

The most amazing bookshelves across the world can now be part of your Instagram feed. Follow along as you step into strangers homes to take in their amazing book collections in the most beautiful ways possible.

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