How To Follow Your New Years Resolution

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Excuses, excuses!

How To Follow Your New Years Resolution

If you want to be healthier or just be happier, you need to stick to a reasonable resolution in the new year. You might not win the lottery but you can create attainable steps to get you through another year around the sun. It's not easy but we're here to help you follow your New Years resolution!

1. Stop Talking S@!$

We all have bad days, stubborn family members, and complicated co-workers. Sometimes we need to vent and sometimes we can take it too far. We can get wrapped up in negative feelings or perpetuate malicious ideas. It's not healthy nor is it productive. In the new year, try to find ways to anticipate and digest negativity, or negative people, in a way that won't cripple you or your feelings.

2. Move, Somehow, Some Way

Almost everyone adds this one to their list of resolutions. Gyms shove their memberships down our throats on January 1st and we sometimes expect ourselves to be bikini ready. That being said, find something, anything that makes you move. If you hate the gym, go for a walk and listen to a podcast. If you love yoga, get your certification. To each their own but get up and move so you're not sluggish and tired all the time.

3. Think Before You Eat (And Drink!)

Now don't get me wrong, late night tacos are sometimes a NECESSITY after drinking or a long day. That being said, watching what you eat isn't a new concept. What is a new concept might be how food is affecting more than your weight but rather your emotions, skin, hair, you name it. Sugary libations or "healthy" alternates are usually anything but. Read the labels, google an ingredient quickly, and be aware of what you're consuming.

4. Put The Phone Away

Unplugging has been an important part of the way we unwind in this new age of technology. But have you ever looked around an airport or in line at Starbucks? We're all bent over with a screen illuminating our faces. Unplugging, or rather not refreshing every feed you follow, is important for society. Learning to unplug, or rather not care, about what blogger is on a yacht in the Almafi Coast, should be at the top of everyone's list.

5. Read More

I don't mean to sound like my mother but here we are. Pick up a book, be it sci-fi or some badass woman's autobiography. Reading will let you use your brain to escape into different worlds. That, and, reading before bed makes you sleepy (don't quote me on that) so some would say it's healthy for you. If you're not a reader, start a book club with friends, neighbors, or cousins, it'll make you get through the hottest books.


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