I Never Thought Horror Movies Would Impact My Fashion But They Are

may queen scene from midsommar with two women in Swedish garb and flower crowns
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While getting scared I was also getting inspired...

Not Sure How To Tell You This But Horror Movies Are Inspiring Me Sartorially

I was sitting in a movie theater this weekend and scared myself.

The horror film I was watching was gory, weird, and disturbing. But I was drawn to the clothing! The characters were decked out in something I might buy while pursuing the numerous websites that sell me ads on my social media platforms! It was a bizarre feeling but one that I realized I'd had before.

My friends think I'm strange for loving scary movies. Watching them alone, in theaters, or with others is entertaining and I applaud those that are done well and without gratuitous scares or blood (I certainly will not be including, Saw, The Human Centipede, or Don't Breathe on this list) but actual movies that scare you or make you think about horror. Sartorial inspiration can come from anywhere and well, movies inspire fashion, trends, and costumes frequently. But what about horror? Heroes run in heels, hide under beds in dresses, and certainly kick ass in jeans.

So yes, it's shocking to me that movies meant to make me uncomfortable are actually inspiring how I dress.

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1. Midsommar

After Hereditary I was a little apprehensive to try another Ari Aster movie and after two and a half hours, I was still unsure of what I watched. That being said, my eyes darted everywhere on screen as I mentally absorbed the insane costume selection. And while I have no plans to join a pagan cult anytime soon I did want to braid my hair, add a flower crown, and dance around in the midsummer sun.

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2. Us

Us was certifiably scary. I enjoy a horror film but I left the movie theater, traumatized. A few scenes stood out as especially terrifying but I was mostly scared that I didn't own a fabulous red denim jumpsuit with sandals to match. This outfit sans scissors is right up my alley. And as a fan of an overall, romper, or jumpsuit, I'm happy to see it on the big screen even on the antagonists.

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3. Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis is an icon in so many ways but her iconic girl-next-door babysitter look speaks to me. She's able to maneuver through closets, staircases, and hallways all while looking chic. Seeing as the movie is forty one years old and I still want to dress like Laurie Strode running from Michael Meyers, I'd say it's a classic bit of fashion.

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4. Scream

Maybe it's because I was in the thick of 90s fashion when Scream came out but I still haven't stopped dressing the cast of the iconic slasher film. High-waisted jeans, bulky sweaters, or monochromatic outfits litter my closet and drawers waiting around as if I'll be called to set in a heartbeat. And while we might have a plethora of sequels in the series, the original is a fun movie but an even better fashion statement.

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5. What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath is one of my favorite movies for many reasons but the fashion is amazing. With the protagonists living so close to the water, the chunky sweaters, neutral tones, and big eyed glasses make for a cozy thriller. Michelle Pfieffer's beauty speaks for itself but her ability to pull of damp outfits speaks volumes. While horror movies aren't meant to evoke emotion around fashion, What Lies Beneath gets me every time.

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6. A Quiet Place

I don't want to live in a post-apocalyptic world but I do know that if I survived such a thing, I would not look as put together and whimsical as Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place. Playing a pregnant character in a post-apocalyptic world can't be easy either but Blunt does it effortlessly. Her long, flowy dresses are my ideal outfit any day of the week.

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