7 Gifts for People With Parkinson's That Are Extremely Helpful

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Be helpful this holiday season.

7 Gifts for People With Parkinson's That Are Extremely Helpful

If you know someone who has Parkinson's or struggles with other neurological disorders, you know life isn't easy. Eating can be frustrating due to mobility and getting dressed might seem like an uphill battle. Everyday routine isn't easy and assistance is often needed. That's why getting them a gift that can help their Parkinson's disease is kind and useful.

From utensils that aid in easier meals to exercises that will keep the body and mind strong, the following gifts for people from Parkinson's are extremely helpful. You'll give the gift of support and love, which is the meaning of the holiday, isn't it?

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1. Parkinson's Kit

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Buy it here from Wal-Mart!

Wal-Mart sells this kit that includes weighted utensils and bowls and other hand-held accessories. The kit is all encompassing, it can help with motor skills and balance.

2. Super Big Fat Pen

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Buy it here from Amazon.

Keep writing with this super big fat pen from Amazon. The weight distribution helps people with tremors navigate pen to paper with some ease. While it might not be the most exciting gift out there, it'll be appreciated.

3. Adaptive Utensils

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Buy it here from Amazon.

These utensils are highly rated on Amazon, and for good reason. Bring them to restaurants or leave them at home but anyone who struggles with hand eye coordination or Parkinson's will use this set.

4. Good Grips Button Hook

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Buy it here from Amazon.

Good grips button hooks help anyone with hand problems dress themselves in the morning. From Parkinson's to arthritis, this gadget can help those who struggle with buttons maintain independence.

5. Posey Happy Hands Overlay

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Buy it here from Jet.

When living with Parkinson's it's key to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Cardio and other exercises can help with the disease but this gift is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hand eye coordination is exercised, untying or threading the rope can help with mobility, and pulling velcro on and off maintains body memory. It's a fun way to keep your hands and mind sharp.

6. TheraBand Stability Trainer Pad

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Buy it here from Amazon.

Exercise for stability is key when living with Parkinson's and this trainer pad will help. Perfect balance by standing on the pad and moving it up and down, left and right. The anti-skid bars resist slipping so injuries can be avoided. Simple and easy to use, the trainer pads are perfect for small spaces during everyday exercise.

7. CBD Oil or Lotion

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Buy it here from Amazon.

I am not a doctor but I think it's safe to assume that CBD oil could help pain caused my Parkinson's. Consult a doctor before gifting but adding a little lotion to a problem area could get rid of pain caused by the disease. The benefits of CBD oil are astounding so why not give it a try and wrap this bad boy up this year.

8. Hulu Subscription

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Buy it here from Hulu.

Just because someone has Parkinson's doesn't mean they only need gifts related to their health issues. Give them a year of Hulu and you'll be the best friend, daughter, or husband...ever.

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