The Best Coffee Table Books To Make Your Home Look Nice And Fancy

Coffee Table Books
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Up your home decor game with the best coffee table books!

he Best Coffee Table Books To Make Your Home Nice and Fancy

I love a coffee table book. I wouldn't have a coffee table if I was left to my own devices because it would be entirely covered in glossy, large, books. Books on travel take up real estate on my craigslist table, where I can stare lovingly at them while watching copious amounts of television. I don't know why but it brings me (and others, I'm not the only one I bet) such joy. Coming home to a package at my door, of a book filled with beautiful pictures that'll make my 750 square foot apartment feel like a beach-side oasis is one of the finer things in life my friends (adulthood! wow!).

So if you want to feel fancy, chic, or simply because you like books, then peruse the best coffee table books and make your home complete.

Surf Shack: Laid Back Living By The Water - $21.33

I love this book. Even if you've never dipped your toe in the ocean, you'll appreciate the gorgeous pictures and beautiful cover. Author Nina Freudenberger traveled around the world, from Australia to Montauk interviewing surfers and getting a glimpse into their cozy and laid-back lives.

Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style - $26.27

The title is pretty straightforward, this book is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Photos of some crazy interior design will force you to reevaluate your Ikea couch (just kidding those couches are amazing) and re-do your bedroom. With a foreword by the queen of interior design herself, Nancy Meyers, this book will be a hit with guests who will be impressed with your selection of coffee table books.

The New York Times: 36 Hours USA & Canada - $24.35

One of my favorites, this book will keep you entertained for years. I'll move it to a place where I can see it, flip to a random page, read about a place to visit, and put it back. It's one of the books visitors reach for immediately. It details the entire country, where to go, where to stay, what to eat in every major (and minor) city. Better yet, you can buy other books in the series detailing, Latin America, Europe, and much more.

Grace: A Memoir - $20.47

If you have any interest in fashion then there's a good chance you already own this memoir by Vogue's Grace Coddington. And while the book details her country upbringing and transcendence into the fashion world, the pop of orange will add some serious color to your coffee table.

Lee - $33.91

Lee Radziwill, the sister of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, was a force herself. This book details her travels, the magnetic people she rubbed elbows with, and her relationship with her icon of a sister. For anyone interested in the Kennedy family, trips around the world, and chic outfits, this will be a welcomed new coffee table book.

Beaches - $25.56

From the lens of photographer Gray Malin, Beaches is quite possibly the prefect coffee table book. Malin buckles into helicopters around the world and takes amazing birds-eye view photos of beaches, cities, landscapes, and more. If you can't afford one of his prints, this book will give you wanderlust without breaking the bank.

Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook $23.79

I'm about to blow your mind -- a cookbook for your coffee table. Groundbreaking, I know. But these days cookbooks are actual works of art, so why not use it in different rooms? Cherry Bombe is filled with delicious, and good looking recipes that'll make you a professional chef in the kitchen. But with the amusing cover, it can find a temporary home in your living room.

Slim Aarons: Women - $52.02

Slim Aarons was a famous photographer that had an eye for celebrity. In this book you'll get a glimpse of the women who caught Aarons eye from upper echelon of high society, arts, fashion, and of course, Hollywood. It's a peak inside the lives of such women like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe.

The Little Book of Hygge - $11.54

Hygge has swept the nation, but the Danish were living by it for a much longer time. Hygge, simply put, is the notion of being as cozy as humanly possible. So why not add that to your home?

Los Angeles: A Portrait Of A City - $53.64

The history of the iconic city will add a nice touch to your coffee table. With images of the Jackson Five on the beach or the original Hollywoodland sign, you'll lose yourself in the pages. And if you've never been to Los Angeles, it might inspire a much needed visit.

Humans of New York - $18.49

The online phenomenon is now in your home! Photographer, Brandon Stanton explored the city and started taking pictures. He began to interview his subjects and the outcome was powerful. With 400 full-color photos, you will lose track of time learning about all the diverse, heartwarming people that live or work in the Big Apple.

The Wes Anderson Collection - $24.99

For the ultimate film buff - you'll lose your mind in this interactive coffee table book based on all the great movies from director Wes Anderson. From the delightful world of Wes Anderson to yours, what could be better?

In The Company Of Women - $22.36

If you feel stuck in a job, turn to this book. Over 100 women describe their creative spirit, how they overcame adversity, and dove into a world of entrepreneurship. From media to comedians, to architects, there's someone for everyone. You'll feel motivated to pursue whatever you've been too afraid to go after.

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