Campo Beauty Review: Aromatherapy Oils That Actually Work

Campo Beauty

Campo Beauty: Your Favorite New Aromatherapy

If you haven't heard of aromatherapy, the practice of using natural oils to improve your physical and emotional well-being, you're missing out. Natural oils are extracted from flowers, roots, leaves, and other plant parts, and act as a calming mechanism. The oil can be used on your pressure points, in your hands or neck, or dropped into a diffuser. With many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find something that suits you. But Campo Beauty with it's sleek, crisp design, will ease you in. You can choose from a plethora of options: hydration oils, roll on aromatherapy oils, pure essential oils, and much more. One thing you will experience: overwhelming satisfaction.

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Campo Beauty

Essential Oils

Campo Beauty masters the art of blending perfume and ancient rituals of aromatherapy. With options like, "Energy", "Focus", and "Relax", you will find yourself reaching for different scents everyday. Like, "Energy" with it's uplifting blend of fresh citrus notes of Italian neroli orange blossom, bergamot, sweet orange, and a hint of Australian sandalwood. Or "Relax", a calming blend of floral herbal notes of french lavender, rosemary CT cineole, frankincense, Italian neroli orange blossom, sweet and bitter orange. Each oil has a distinct scent that will change your mood, instantly.

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Campo Beauty


If you'd rather change the way the room smells, you can add the organic pure essential oils to a Campo Beauty diffuser. If your office needs more energy, or a new home needs a refreshing scent, the room diffuser will fix it all. I purchased a diffuser online and I was unhappy with my oil options. I found the scents to be too aggressive. Thanks to the softness of the Campo Beauty oils, my room isn't overwhelmed and my energy reflects that.

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Campo Beauty

Hydration Body Oils

For those of us who have dry skin or moisturize before bed, you'll need the Hydrating Body Oils. The 100% pure essential oil blend is ultra-hydrating, rejuvenating and nourishing. For a complete body experience, warm the oils in hand, breathe deep into palms, and massage into skin and feel clarity. Perfect before a big meeting, while you're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, or as a reminder to take deep breaths from time to time.

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Campo Beauty

Campo Beauty

Aromatherapy shouldn't be overwhelming. Harsh scents and chemicals are counterintuitive to the philosophy behind personal wellness. Campo Beauty creates clean, sophisticated scents within their oils. With calming blends that hydrate and nourish, you will be reaching for these oils throughout the day.

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