4 Bunion Surgery Reviews Worth Watching

bunion surgery reviews
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Everything you need to know about bunion surgery!

4 Bunion Surgery Reviews Worth Watching

Surgery can be a scary and painful thing! But if you absolutely need to fix or alter part of your body, it's integral to functioning in society.

Bunions are no exception. They incredibly can be painful and who has time for that? If you want to learn all about bunion surgery, scroll down for some bunion surgery reviews that'll help you understand the diagnosis, surgery, and recovery time. You're in good company.

What Is a Bunion?

According to Foot Health Facts a bunion is "a bump on the side of the big toe." Seems simple enough? Bunions can be painful and impair your ability to walk correctly. Additionally, it might be harder to fit your foot into shoes with a bunion. Some causes of bunions include tight shoes that crowd the toes and "inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot".

What Is Bunion Surgery?

Well, bunion surgery removes the bump in the foot! If you're in pain or it's hard to walk, you're probably a candidate for a bunionectomy. There are three types of surgery to remove a bunion.

  • Osteotomy which requires cutting the big toe joint to realign it back to the normal position

  • Exostectomy which just removes the bunion from the joint "without performing an alignment".

  • Arhrodesis which requires screws or metal plates to correct the bunion and damaged joint.

Bunion Surgery Recovery Time

While bunion surgery recovery time varies from patient to patient, expect six to eight weeks before you're fully recovered. If you had a more invasive surgery you could be looking at four to six months. Don't think about putting those high heels on, doctors recommend at least six months before grabbing the stilettos.

How Long Does Swelling Last After Bunion Surgery?

Since "swelling is one of the most common symptoms that irritate people after surgery" expect some swelling for 6 to 9 months. But if you stay off of your foot and follow instructions made by your doctor, you could be seeing less swelling sooner.

After Bunion Surgery

You'll need to take care of yourself after surgery on your bunion(s). We've rounded up some must-know information about bunion surgery recovery.

Find Good Shoes to Wear After Bunion Surgery

They might not be the most "fashion forward" options but they will help you tremendously after surgery. Consult a podiatrist if you're having a hard time finding something comfortable. Loafers, sneakers, and tevas are good options post-op.

Running After Bunion Surgery: How Long Should You Wait?

Because you might be in a cast, wheelchair, or other bandage walking on your foot is a bad idea. Running is even worse. Sorry, runners, you'll have to consult with your doctor depending on your recovery time. You won't want to put pressure or stress on your heeling foot so running is probably not going to happen soon after a bunionectomy. Same with driving... it could take you six weeks to be back behind the wheel.

Bunion Surgery Reviews

Toe Exercises After Bunion Surgery

You'll want your foot to rehabilitate nicely and toe exercises are important to follow through with post bunion surgery. Try these exercises after consulting your surgeon or doctor:

  • Toe Flexing - move the toes back and forth and side to side. Flex them in five second intervals and repeat them over and over again day by day.

  • Toe Presses - put your toes up against a wall or solid surface to flex and stretch them. Flex in the opposite direction and repeat!

  • Toe Resistance - use a towel or t-shirt and pull your big toe towards you, gently. Push against the towel and resist.

  • Toe marbles - pick up a marble with your big toe. Practice picking it up and strategically dropping in a cup or desired location. Repeat daily.

Bunion Surgery Toe Exercises

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