All the Book Publishers You Should Be Following On Instagram

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Every Book Lover Should Follow These 9 Book Publishers on Instagram

Want to refresh your Instagram feed? Try following some amazing book publishers Instagram accounts.

Learn all about amazing authors, new releases, and much more when you follow the companies behind the novels! From popular books to smaller genres, you'll be amazed by all the books!

From romance novels to biographies, there's something for everyone. Publishers are making waves in the literary world so why not follow along and see what's happening. If you are a true book lover you might learn a thing or two. Bring some book ideas to your book clubs or reading groups and you'll be the talk of the town.

So come on, start following some book publishers Instagram accounts!

1. Simon & Schuster

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Simon & Schuster has published some of your favorite books. From Tiffany Haddish's memoir, The Last Black Unicorn to Rebecca Traister's Good and Mad following their Instagram account means you'll be on top of all the best and new books ready to hit the market.

2. Counterpoint Press

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Counterpoint Press has some of the coolest books in the publishing world. You'll learn all about unique perspectives and distinctive characters all published by Counterpoint Press. There's a very high chance you'll want to buy everything they touch.

3. Touchstone Books

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Touchstone was the cooler older sister to Simon & Schuster. They published books by Reese Witherspoon and Busy Phillips, both of which saw great success. Sadly, Touchstone is no longer but just means you should look back on their amazing Instagram filled with the coolest books published in the last few years.

4. Little, Brown and Company

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Little, Brown and Company is a staple in the literary world and for good reason. Their books speak for themselves. You'll recognize some popular titles like, The Power, Winter in Paradise, and This Is Not A Love Song. Follow along as they introduce you to new novels, talented authors, and the lovely people working hard to sell upstanding novels.

5. FSG Originals

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FSG Originals is a unique publisher and I absolutely love them. They find writers with out there ideas, characters that aren't always easy to love, and writing that will give you goosebumps. Their Instagram account is beautiful and you absolutely should follow along and catch a glimpse at all the talent they get to represent.

6. Penguin Books

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Penguin Books is synonymous with publishing after all it was founded in 1935. With quality in mind, the publisher has done an excellent job at finding books readers connect with. They've also found how to connect with their fans on Instagram. Follow the other imprints, Viking Books and Penguin Press for more amazing book options.

7. Harper Collins

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Harper Collins has published so many books it might feel hard to keep up! But once you follow the publisher on Instagram, you'll be an expert in the literary world. They've been publishing great authors since 1817 and they most certainly aren't slowing down.

8. Macmillan Publishers

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For fans of romance novels, Macmillan is a great publisher for you to follow. Learn all about the most exciting new releases before other members of your book club.

9. Hachette Books

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Why wouldn't you follow Hachette Books? They've published books by David Sedaris, David Foster Wallace, J.K Rowling, Gwyneth Paltrow, and James Patterson, just to name a few. You'll have insight into some of the most thought-provoking books and you'll enjoy reading an array of great novels from Hachette.

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