'90s Movie Characters With Fashion Worth Copying

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It's inevitable at this point.

I'm Dressing Like These '90s Movie Characters and No One Can Stop Me

I grew up in the '90s and '00s, which for better or worse, helped shape my sense of style.

Because fashion is cyclical, I've found it very exciting that I get to re-wear some pieces of clothing that I managed to keep for 20 or so years. Even better, I get to wear things my mom wore in my childhood, recycling some of my favorite pieces from her closet that always evoke a certain type of nostalgia.

I, too, love movies. So when getting dressed in the morning, it's easy to turn to fictitious characters that I've loved since childhood. Because '90s movies characters have some of the best articles of clothing, I find myself dressing like my favorites.

Life can be dull and uninteresting from time to time, but dressing up (or at the very least), caring about what I wear, brings an insurmountable amount of joy to my daily life. Maybe it can to you, too.

The author with her dog, Rudy, in 1999 wearing Limited Too silk pajamas.

1. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle gave us some incredible fashion inspiration to work with thanks in part to the time period. The oversized mom jackets, structured button-downs, and power-suits made me giddy watching it so many years ago. Now that enough time has passed, I realize I still love the looks. Mrs. Mott isn't who she claims to be, but her perfectly ironed button down has me seeing stars. Luckily, such a garment is always in style, even in the new millennium.

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2. Now & Then

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Now & Then is a horribly underrated movie that not nearly enough people have seen or heard about. It's a shame, because the story of four friends who reunite in their adulthood to reminisce about their childhood, is perfect. And it's star studded thanks to Christina Ricci, Melanie Griffith, Demi Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, and Rita Wilson who grace us with their presence. The costumes are perfect, depicting each character with their most obvious trait: tomboyish, feminine, and sophomoric.

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3. First Wives Club

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Not only is the First Wives Club a piece of cinematic brilliance, the soundtrack is amazing and the costume and set design is perfection. While the fashion direction was overtly '90s, the hint of masculinity to a woman's wardrobe was apparent, a trait I love to add to my own closet. Ties, trousers, and loafers were celebrated, along with women's liberation and monochrome outfits, all of which still stands today.

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4. Clueless

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Clueless is often synonymous with fashion seeing as the characters don quintessential '90s garb. Cher's iconic yellow tartan blazer has made it's way back to mainstream fashion. While you might see it more on Halloween, major retailers are reintroducing plaid, tartan, and checkered designs back to the public fashion arena. If it's too much to handle, add it in smaller increments to feel less obvious.

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5. Con Air

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While I don't want to be a prisoner, I do love an industrial looking jumpsuit. Con Air is one of my favorite movies ever, but one that probably doesn't scream "fashion." Seeing as there are only three women in the film and the majority of characters are in prison uniforms, it's not easy to sartorially express my fondness for this '90s movie with clothing, but God help me I'll try. Thankfully, the rise in the popularity of jumpsuits means I can emulate wrongfully accused prisoner Cameron Poe any time I want.

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6. Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park has some of the best '90s outfits I'd want to recreate. Running from dinosaurs never looked so good. Cargo shorts, check. Sassy professor hat, check. Bandana, you bet. Another fad that has come back into style, bandanas and scarfs are the newest accessory to see a surge in popularity. Tie a red bandana around my neck and call me Alan Grant.

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7. My Best Friend's Wedding

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Starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, and Dermot Mulroney, My Best Friend's Wedding had some stunning '90s outfits. Julia Roberts tries to make Cameron Diaz's character look bad when signing her up to sing a song in front of a packed bar but it in turn backfires, Diaz gains fans in the crowd and her fiancé seemingly falls deeper in love with her. And how could you not? Her outfit is peak '90s chic thanks to the plaid halter top, pearls, and classic pink cardigan.

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8. Double Jeopardy

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Ashley Judd is a national treasure and this movie should be mandatory viewing in schools across the country. I kid, but I am still passionate about this 1999 thriller costarring Tommy Lee Jones. Judd is framed for her husband's murder. Once freed, she's dedicated to getting her son back and uncovering the truth about her husband's disappearance. Because the movie was a year away from the new millennium, the clothing is iconic. Judd sports a bandana in her hair at one point! And look at the happy matching couple. Fisherman's sweaters will likely never go out of style and I support that.

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