Most Stylish Female Artists You Should Definitely Know About

Most Stylish Female Artists You Should Definitely Know About, tony gum, sarah morris
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Fashion might not be as old as art, but as soon as it became “a thing,” fashion and art naturally merged. We can see that the world’s most renowned artists know a thing or two about it. They are stylish and know what fashion can offer them in terms of branding and attracting more attention. Some of them became pretty distinguishable, all thanks to the clothes they wear.

While it applies to both male and female artists, we will focus on stylish female artists today.

Keep reading to discover the most stylish female artists you should know about.

Chen Man

Chen Man hails from Beijing, China. Remarkably, she was able to build a name for herself as a photographer. We have so few Chinese photographers. Chen is a highly talented photographer, and her work is known around the globe. CNN is calling her China’s Annie Leibovitz.

While her artistic style is unique, her fashion sense makes it easy to recognize her too. She usually wears all-black outfits, which give her a sleek and elegant look. Who would have thought that such a simple style can look so chic on a woman?

Tony Gum

Tony Gum is a young artist. She was born and raised in Cape Town. She is one of the most stylish female artists out there. You should look up to her if you want to find the answer to the following question: how to price your art? What keeps people amazed is her boldness and fashion sense. Tony Gum doesn’t stick with one style for a long as she loves experimenting. She even caught the attention of Vogue, which labeled her as the coolest girl in Cape Town.

Wes Anderson’s color palette is the source of her inspiration. When it comes to her style, she manages to wear sportswear like no one else. She excels at making eccentric patterns and bold colors look attractive on her. You should check her out.

Andrea Mary Marshall

If you love self-portraits and fashion, you should look Andrea Mary Marshall up. She does a marvelous job with her self-portraits. She is iconic, and all thanks to her fashion sense and boldness. Her portraits can be provocative to some. Her style is unique, even though she often wears all-black combos.

She is aware of her sex appeal and knows how to express her femininity without being vulgar. You can see her wearing various clothes, from an exposing black dress to a motorcycle jacket paired with classy Ray-Ban aviators.

Olivia Locher

Olivia Locher is a renowned photographer with a unique style. She loves experimenting with patterns and uses fashion to communicate her artistic ideas, which can also be seen in her art pieces. So what does she do differently?

If you look at her sneakers, you won’t find anything interesting there as she wears everyday and comfortable footwear. However, her dresses and long sleeves often feature eccentric patterns and bold colors. Most of her outfits are real head-turners. Also the entertainment industry has many artists for you to check out.

Petra Collins

Petra Collins is a famous Canadian artist. She is famous as a fashion model and photographer, and her style reflects her work as a photographer. Her photos have this unique look and feel that many describe as dream-like and feminine. Her style composes of bold colors, unique cloth pieces, and luscious hairstyles.

There is a lot of that 70s vibe in Petras’s work. But she manages to breathe fresh air into the fashion style of the 70s.

So, if you love this particular fashion era, Petra is your go-to source for inspiration.

Sarah Morris

Sarah Morris is a famous British and American artist hailing from New York City. She delivers these unique geometric modernist grid designs. Sarah is inspired by geometric shapes and architecture and uses flat planes of color to express herself. Her fashion style is the opposite.

We can often see Sarah in black and white outfits. When she decides to introduce a bold color into her monochromatic outfits, she uses accessories. Nevertheless, she does look chick, and her outfits are always inspiring.

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright is an American artist. She is very creative. So far, Petra has worked in digital media, painting, and video. Whether she decides to paint or create digital content, we can expect to see one thing - abstraction. She abstractly combines her outfits as well.

As you might’ve guessed, Petra’s outfits are rich in colors and patterns. However, they look fantastic on her. Even with so many colors and patterns, Petra looks classy and ready for any event. She has one of the unique styles in this niche.

Annina Roescheisen

Born in Germany, Annina Roescheisen lives and works in New York and Munich. She specializes in multimedia fine art, and she does videos, paintings, drawings, installations, and performance art. She leverages symbols of colors to express herself and communicate her ideas. Her style is one of a kind and fresh.

Annina’s outfits make her look mysterious and lovely. She is often wearing monochromatic outfits. Annina chooses feminine clothing. In her photographs, she often looks like a character from a fairytale.

Anouska Beckwith

Do you think that a style can be either edgy or elegant? Anouska Beckwith would not agree with you. Anouska is a British photographer and multidisciplinary artist hailing from Paris, France, and she has many successful exhibitions. But that’s not the only thing she is famous for - she is also one of the most stylish female artists.

Anoushka is dressed for every occasion. She loves wearing vintage pieces combining them so that she looks both chick and edgy.

These nine female artists are the most stylish ones. As you can see, each one of them has a unique style that often reflects their artwork. These creative female artists can serve you as inspiration whether you want to make your outfits more bold or elegant.