Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You're Eastern Orthodox


Christos Anesti!

Test your knowledge on traditional catholic conventions like religious holidays, church practices and bible stories.

 Nov 29, 2016
1 of 10The Church came into existence on what great event in Christian history?
culture, pop culture
The Transfiguration of Christ
Christ's Ascension
2 of 10What foods do Orthodox Christians abstain from when fasting?
Meat, fish, dairy, alcohol and oil
Meat, fish and dairy
Meat and fish
3 of 10Which of these is not an Orthodox belief about the Virgin Mary?
culture, pop culture
That she remained a virgin after the birth of Christ
That she was immaculately conceived That she can intercede for us
That she is the Mother of God
4 of 10Which prayer is known as the "Prayer of the Heart"?
The Jesus Prayer
The Trisagion
The Hail Mary
5 of 10What are three things the Church tells us to do during Great Lent?
culture, pop culture
Fast, go to work, and watch more tv
Go to Church, give to the poor, and fast
Give to the poor, go to Church, write in our journals
6 of 10What do the Greek words "IC XC NIKA" mean?
I Am
Jesus Christ conquers
7 of 10On which Holy day of Holy Week are the 12 Gospel readings done?
culture, pop culture
Palm Sunday
Holy Thursday
Holy Friday
8 of 10When is the sweet bread, Vasilopita, eaten?
culture, food & drinks, pop culture
New Year's Eve/New Year's Day
Christmas Day
9 of 10When does the Orthodox Church observe the feast of All Saints?
culture, pop culture
First Sunday after Christmas
November 1
First Sunday after Easter
10 of 10What is the correct way to greet an Orthodox priest?
culture, pop culture
Kiss him three times on the cheek
Cup your right hand in your left hand, extend it and say "Father, bless".
Say "G'day Father!"
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