Quiz: Can You Correctly Answer These 22 Questions About Forrest Gump?


Run Forrest! Run!

Forrest Gump, The Best Movie Quiz,1994 American film was directed by Robert Zemeckis and stars Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, and Sally Field.

 Apr 12, 2017
1 of 22Choose one:
Complete this line: Life is like a box of ________
2 of 22Choose one:
What was Bubba's real full name?
Benjamin Buffy Blue
Benjamin Buford Blue
Benjamin Buddy Blue
3 of 22Choose one:
On the bus to school on the first day, Forrest meets Jenny Curran. What is the first question she asks him?
Are you stupid or something?"
"What's your name?"
"What's wrong with your legs?"
4 of 22Choose one:
Where are Bubba and Forrest sent?
5 of 22Choose one:
True or False: In Vietnam, Forrest is wounded by the enemy in Vietnam when he is shot in the back.
He never went to Vietnam .
6 of 22Choose one:
Bubba is killed in action. What are his last words to Forrest?
I want some shrimp.
I want to go home.
Don't forget the boat.
7 of 22Choose one:
While recovering from the wound in the buttocks, Forrest picks up a sport. What sport is it?
8 of 22Choose one:
Forrest goes out for a run after he discovers Jenny is gone. How long does he end up running for?
A year
A week
3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours.
9 of 22Choose one:
Forrest is awarded the Medal of Honor. Which president gives it to Forrest?
10 of 22Choose one:
After being invested in Apple, Forrest is financially secure for life. He gets a new job, which he does for free. What is it?
Lawn mower
11 of 22Choose one:
When Forrest invested in a fruit company, which company was it?
Florida's Best
12 of 22Choose one:
According to Bubba, what is the fruit of the sea?
13 of 22Choose one:
When Jenny was a little girl, what did she pray to God?
To find her prince
To meet her mother someday
To make her a bird
14 of 22Choose one:
Finish this quote: Im not a smart man, but: ______
I have a high IQ.
I'm smarter than you.
I'm smart enough.
15 of 22Choose one:
According to Forrest, who were they looking for in Vietnam?
16 of 22Choose one:
What was Forrest's IQ?
17 of 22Choose one:
Where is Forrest and Bubba from?
18 of 22Choose one:
What political scandal did Forrest help uncover?
The Watergate Scandal
Clinton – Lewinsky Scandal
The Wilbur Mills Scandal
19 of 22Choose one:
Which of the following was NOT an accomplishment by Forrest?
Running across the U.S
Running Apple
Winning at table tennis
20 of 22Choose one:
What is Forrest's favorite book?
Curious George
Dr. Seuss
The Little Prince
21 of 22Choose one:
What is the name of Jenny's son?
22 of 22Choose one:
Complete this line: Stupid is _____
Knowing the truth, but still believing the lies
As stupid does
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