Quiz: Can You Answer 13 Questions Only A Neuroscience Major Can Ace?

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If I only had a brain!

How much do you know about the basics of neuroscience? What are the key basic areas to describe brain function in humans simply?

 Nov 23, 2016

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How much does the average adult human brain weigh?
10 pounds
3 pounds
7 pounds

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What does the eye's lens do to the orientation of the visual image?
Rotates it left
Rotates it right
It turns it upside down

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About how many nerve cells are in the human brain?
1 Billion
10 Billion
100 Billion

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Holding a memory in mind while we think about it is called what type of memory?
Procedural memory
Momentary memory
Working/short term memory

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During what period of sleep do we dream?
Stage IV sleep
REM sleep
NREM sleep

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Name the contact points where one neuron communicates with another.
Axon terminals

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What do you call it when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or suddenly becomes clogged?

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What do you call an involuntary, fixed muscle response to a particular stimulus?

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Name the part of the brain that is important for emotional learning and memory and its dysfunction is related to anxiety disorders.

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Name the disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and disturbances of thought and emotions.
Huntington’s chorea
Manic-depressive disorder
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