Quiz: 15 Questions You'll Only Know If You Were Born In The USA


How well do you know America?

Have you managed to stay informed about U.S. news and policy? Do you know every current Supreme Court Justice and all of the U.S. amendments?

 Jan 05, 2018
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Which of the following is not a cabinet position?
Vice President
Speaker of the House
Secretary of Treasury
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What are the two houses of congress?
Senate and the Supreme Court
The House of Representatives and the President
House of Representatives and the Senate
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What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
Separation of powers
Congressional oversight
Presidential veto
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Which of these is not a freedom protected by the first amendment?
Freedom of religion
Freedom of privacy
Freedom of speech
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What do we call the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution?
The Bill of Rights
Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
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What is an amendment?
A Law signed by the President
A change to the Constitution
A change to the Constitution made by the state government
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What are the first words of the constitution?
"We the people"
"When in the course of human events"
"Four score and seven years ago"
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Who appoints the Supreme Court Justices?
The Senate
The President
The People
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Which of the following is not a national holiday?
Boxing Day
George Washington's Birthday
Labor Day
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What is the U.S. National Anthem?
God Bless America
Star Spangled Banner
America The Beautiful
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How Many Justices are on the Supreme Court?
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If both the President and Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes President?
The Speaker of the House
The Secretary of State
The Attorney General
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On what day of the year do we vote for President?
A Random Tuesday in November
Last Tuesday in November
1st Tuesday in November
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Who's the head of the Executive Branch?
Chief of Staff
The President
Vice President
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How many branches of U.S. government are there?
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