Oklahoma Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?


Are you a true Okie?

Test your knowledge of southern slang, in particular, Oklahoma slang, with words like fixin' to and other phrases from the south.

 Mar 08, 2018

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Sticky bun
glazed donut
a danish
cinnamon bun

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a meal in the morning
a meal at night
a meal at mid-day

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a meal at night
a meal at mid-day
a meal in the morning

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to believe something
to love something
to question something

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Y'unt to
Do you think so?
Do you know so?
Do you want to?

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Fixin' to
making something
repairing something
about to do something

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'preciate it
thank you
you're welcome

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Someone allergic to honey
Someone who causes trouble
A bee keeper

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Dutch rub
foot rub
neck massage

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How do you pronounce "aunt"?
Rhymes with the word 'want'
Like the word 'ant'

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How do you pronounce pecan?

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When someone is "piddling" they are:
Instigating a fight
Going really fast
Taking a long time

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"Bless Your Heart" is usually followed by a(n) ___________

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If something is "catawampus" it must be ______________
full of water
not straight, or skewed
far away

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If you are living in "high cotton" that means you are ___________
living in fear
living on a small farm
particularly successful or wealthy

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"She's as smart as all get out" means:
She's not very intelligent
She's extremely smart
She is smart only during the school year

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How do you pronounce "caramel"?
Two syllables ("car-mul")
Three syllables ("car-a-mel")
I use them both
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