Your Baby Is Ugly, But It's All Freaking Good


Because we can't ALLl have Gerber babies.

So, you're starring at your newborn and the thought crosses your mind that your baby is, you know, kinda sorta ... ugly.

You're suddenly horrified and question your parental aptitude, how could you have allowed such a horrible thought to cross your mind? You then feel even more ashamed as friends and family visit, coo to your infant about how they're "the most adorable baby that ever was," and AGAIN you find yourself thinking that you wish you could tell everyone to give up the act.

  • #1. You are not a terrible person for having these thoughts.

  • #2. These thoughts are very common and normal. Especially with new parents.

However, somehow verbalizing this reality has become taboo, instead of a sign that we collectively have unrealistic expectations when it comes to what our babies are supposed to look like.

Despite most new parents picture perfect appearances, when it comes to describing the cuteness of their newborns, The Daily Mail published survey results, which found a fifth of new parents think their progeny may be a bit, well -- unsightly. Not to mention that the survey results may actually be higher than that, considering we all feel a bit guilty admitting our baby is ugly, even in anonymous surveys.

But does it really matter if our babies are ugly?

One father of two who asked to remain anonymous said: "There is a lot of pressure on new parents in all kinds of ways and this is something that remains taboo and just isn't talked about. Everyone seems to think they have the most beautiful baby on earth and as a new parent you feel you have to say the same even if you privately believe your baby is ugly."

However, aren't babies sort of all inherently weird looking? They come out wrinkled, purple and practically hairless. Why does society put so much pressure on parents to keep up this insane farce, I mean we all can't have Gerber babies!

Furthermore, the truth I think is that the majority of babies are weird looking and parents should feel free to openly say so. Countless baby pictures have proved that ugliness as a baby does not determine attractiveness as an adult. For all you know, your weird little purple cone head may turn out to be the next Heidi Klum.

SO, accept that your baby is ugly, crack a joke, and move on. You're too busy worrying about being good parents, getting to know your new baby and most importantly falling more in love with your baby everyday to really worry too much about how weird they look.

If other parents want to give you a hard time for being honest, then kindly remind them of why their disapproval is misplaced. Because the real truth and why parents keep quiet on this issue, is because they worry so much about being perceived as good parents.

Parents will do almost anything to try to be the best parents possible and if they think lying about their babies appearance is what will make them better parents, you can bet they'll do it. Ultimately, don't worry about what other people think of you, your baby or how you parent. You know you're doing everything you possibly can to be the best parent and no one else's opinion is going to change that.

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