7 Hilarious Commercials Every So Cal Kid Will Never Forget

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"Look at that antelope driving a car? NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa."

1. Survival Insurance

"Wanna ride?" "Are you insured?" "Yes." "By Survival?" "No." PAUSE " I can't take that ride."

That dude must be crazy to pass up a ride with a hot girl in a Ferrari. That or, I dunno, Survival Insurance must be off the hook.... Oh..OooooH...I see what you did there. I see.

2. Santa's Village

You remember not really knowing where the San Bernadino Mountains were, but you still begged your parents to take you there.

3. Tito's Tacos


"The only thing better than a Tito's Taco… IS 2!" ...... or five.

4. Cal Worthington’s -- DID HE JUST SAY PUSSY COW??!!!


Why is that man just yelling pussy cow?! IS THIS JUST ME?! I swear it's not "Go See Cal"......

5. Crazy Gideon’s Discount Mashup -- "Hurry before I CHANGE MY MiiiiiiND!"

You remember thinking Crazy Gideon was legit, straight up crazy.... Like LITERALLY throwing TVs on the freaking ground crazy and then smashing the hell out of all of his other electronics…..BUT you secretly loved him for it.

6. Ojai Valley Taxidermy..... I DON'T EVEN......


"OH NO there's a bear in my bed! NOPE! Just Chuck Testa."

7. Sit 'N Sleep - "YOU'RE KILLING ME LARRY!"