NEW Yoga Bitmoji Snapchat Filter: 3D Yoga Bitmoji

Snapchat Yoga Bitmoji 3D Snap Video Filter

New Snapchat update release has a yoga Bitmoji Snapchat filter.

All Of The 3D Bitmoji Filters On Snapchat | 2017:

Snapchat just welcomed 3D Bitmoji snap filters to its collection of custom snap filters this September 2017. While there are sure to be more 3D bitmoji filters to come, a lot of users are big fans aready of the Yoga 3D Bitmoji Snap Filter.

To use the new 3D yoga bitmoji snap filter make sure you have the latest Snapchat update installed on your iOS or Android device. Once your app is up to date, you can find the new bitmoji avatars in the same place you normally find the snap face filters we we all know and love!

Here's The New Snapchat Yoga Bitmoji Avatar:

Yoga 3D Bitmoji Avatar For Snaps! Yay!

What do you think of Snapchat's new 3D Bitmoji filters? Do you want to see more yoga bitmoji snap filters? Maybe one a bit more zen? Let us know in the comments below! We're always looking for new Snapchat insights and hacks!

If you need further information, you can also try going directly to Snapchat or if you have another query, you can go to

Happy Snapping!

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