Will The White Walker Dragon Spit Ice or Fire? GOT Mystery Revealed...

Will The White Walker Dragon Spit Ice or Fire?

Fans want to know! Will the new white walker dragon spit ice or fire?

Will The White Walker Dragon Spit Ice or Fire? GOT Mystery Revealed...

The most recent episode, "Beyond The Wall," had fans reeling with shock, sadness, but also intense curiosity. With Daenary's dragon Viserion now seemingly turned into a white walker, will the white walker dragon spit ice or fire?

Here's The Most Popular Ice Dragon Fan Theory:**

According to Game of Thrones Wiki:

"An ice dragon is a legendary creature somewhat resembling a dragon, but made of ice and breathing cold instead of fire."

While the Night King did place his hand on Viserion's snout and we saw the dragon's piercing-blue eye open, most fans assumed that this Dragon is now going to start spewing ice everywhere becuase it is an "ice dragon."

However, while many fans seem to believe that Viserion is now an official ice dragon, George R. R. seems to not quite agree.

There Are Two Distinct Types Of Dragons Not Including A Possible Wight Dragon:

In 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' series, Martin details two distinct kinds of dragons. The most common are the fire-breathing dragons from Old Valyria.

The second kind of Dragon in the fantasy series are known as ice dragons.

While the fire dragons originated in Valyria, the ice dragons make their home in the frozen wastes of the Shivering Sea. These Ice Dragons however are not the same thing as a wight made by the Night King.

Legend has it that both ice AND fire dragons exist on their own and a wight Dragon is something differen't all together.

Basically, fire dragons and ice dragons are two very different breeds, and killing one kind and raising it as a wight won't suddenly transform it into the other kind.

So, to reiterate, even though Viserion is now a wight, he's still essentially Viserion. Just because his corpse has been raised by the Night King doesn't mean that he now has the ability to spew ice instead of fireā€¦ AND, if he does, then the show will have explaining to do.

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