Will iMessage Deliver To A Dead or Off iPhone? 2017

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Find out! Will iMessage Deliver To A Dead or Off iPhone? 2017

Will iMessage Deliver To A Dead Or Off iPhone? 2017:

There are lots of times when you're texting someone and you start to wonder: "Will iMessage deliver to a dead or off iPhone?"

Because, you know, maybe you're starting to think that you're being ghosted, but you want to make sure...

However, before you just jump to conclusions you want to know if there's a loop hole that might make a delivered iMessage say "Delivered" when perhaps it was not, like if an iPhone battery is dead. no response, they should have the benefit of the doubt. Their iMessage may say "delivered," but what if it actually wasn't delivered because the phone was dead?

So... What's the verdict?

Will iMessage Deliver To A Dead Or Off iPhone?

Instagram / @ihavethisthingwithpink

The Answer:

NO but there's a caveat!

An iMessage will only show up as "Delivered" if it has been successfully delivered to at least one of the recipient's devices that are​ enabled for iMessage.

So, if the text recipient is only using their iPhone and had no other devices setup for iMessage, like an iPad or Mac computer, the text will NOT show up as delivered.

However, if the person you texted has iMessage configured to a Mac, iPad or even an iPod touch those devices might receive the iMessage, even though that person's iPhone is dead.

So in this situation, an iMessage can say delivered, but the text recipient's iPhone may actually just have a dead battery.

*PLEASE NOTE * If you have more questions about iPhone texts or iMessage​ questions that are unanswered you can always go directly to the source for answers by going to Support.apple.com.

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