Steven Colbert & Nick Kroll Launch The #PuberMe Tweet Campaign For Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Twitter DM?

What does #PuberMe mean?

What Does #PuberMe Mean? In his twitter post below, Stephen Colbert reveals a photo of himself in the midst of full blown puberty. Why you ask? The embarassing photo with the hastag #PuberMe is part of a tweet campaign to raise money and awareness for Puerto Rico Disaster Relief.

Colbert sarcastically tweeted:

"Nick Kroll asked me to post a pic of my awkward stage, but I never had one. So here's me lookin' cool as hell! #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief"

Steven Colbert & Nick Kroll #PuberMe Tweet:

Melanie A. M. Hinds @JoyRoseM explained the process on Twitter, "@Lin_Manuel spread the word! If celebrities post a puberty pic, #PuberMe Colbert gives a donation & Kroll matches it for #PuertoRicoRelief."

Melanie A. M. Hinds @JoyRoseM #PuberMe Tweet:

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