These 13 Quotes From Jane Goodall Will Unleash Your Wild Heart

Jeanette Winter /

"I don't give two hoots about civilization, I want to wander the wild."

There's a bit of Jane Goodall in every woman. She is the fervent protector, trailblazing adventurer and primal nurturer inside us all.

Born on April 3, 1934, in London, England, from an early age, she dreamed of traveling to Africa to observe exotic animals in their natural habitats.

As a young woman Goodall set out to Tanzania to study wild chimpanzees by sitting amongst them. Many experts objected to Goodall, because she had no formal scientific education and lacked even a general college degree when she began her scientific career.

However, classrooms, arm chairs and rigid procedure just weren't for her, so she decided to bypass tradition and get right into field research.

In doing so, Goodall uncovered discoveries about primate behavior that have continued to shape scientific discourse to this day.

Today, she is a highly respected member of the world's scientific community and is a staunch advocate of ecological preservation.

Goodall stands for all women who yearn to take the unbeaten path. She is an untamed example of the beauty in self belief and her story is proof that, when for the right reasons, we should ALL be free to follow the wild inside our heart.

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