The Picketing Princess: Your Favorite Disney Women Take To The Streets

Amanda Allen Niday

They just want more than this provincial life.

Disney princesses are such iconic figures in pop culture, so it's no wonder that girls are starting to reimagine them as they might be today.

And this month is Women’s History Month so there's no better time to celebrate our diverse history as women and understand that we all have the power to make history every day.

I mean, you know for sure that Belle wouldn't have put up with this modern "provincial life." Right?

And Mulan -- Please, she would be getting down to business to defeat the patriarchy.

Amanda Allen Niday, the artist behind these picketing princesses said that she wanted to use these characters to “remind girls that they’re brave, strong and valuable."

And you know, these Disney princesses do just that. They want to take on issues like racism, sexism, and xenophobia and they want to be where the protests are.

If you want to check out more of Niday’s work, here is her Instagram and her Society6 page.

h/t | Teen Vogue