Substitute For A Wine Cork

No wine cork? No problem?

Substitute For A Wine Cork:

Uh-oh, let me guess, you're looking for a good substitute for a wine cork. You opened your wine and the cork was destroyed or magically disappeared to where all the other lost things go. I know some people who keep at least one baggy full of corks "just in case," but if you're like me, sometimes you don't always plan ahead and have a good substitute for a wine cork....

No worries this is a common problem! Here are some solutions you could try from common household items.

Use A Carrot As A Cork:

I've seen someone cork a bottle using a carrot once, though I can't swear to how effective that actually was and I'm sure it chipped off some of the carrot into the bottle.

Try A Lip Balm Cork:

If you lose or break the cork for your wine, and want to keep the bottle to drink another day, use a tube of lip balm, tightly wrapped with strips of plastic wrap, until it is the proper diameter (Fold a sheet of plastic wrap about eight times to make it the proper width, and then start wrapping!) Works like a charm.

Use A Ziplock Bag & A Rubber Band As A Cork:

I've seen plastic wrap, ziplock bags and so on put on top and than sealed using rubber bands or hair ties. Anything that could be used to seal food can be used to seal the bottle so long as it's flexible enough.

Buy Reusable Corks Online:

If you are looking for something more practical there are reusable sealing kits. | Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump with 2 x Vacuum Bottle Stoppers - White: Wine Bottle Stoppers: Bar Tools & Glasses

There are many other brands but basically you could get yourself a tool that pumps out air and reseals it with a rubber cork replacement. For someone that drinks wine regularly and has left overs a tool like that is a worthy investment. Simply putting the original cork back in wouldn't pump out any of the air so this is not only a creative solution but a more effective one.

Try Replacing The Bottle Not The Cork!

Another creative solution: don't just replace the cork, replace the entire bottle. Glass decanters make for a decorative solution. Pour out the remaining wine into a decanter, cap the decanter with it's own topper and voila, cork (and bottle) replaced.

If you don't care about appearances than any glass/plastic bottle that seals can be used instead of the decanter. (wood or metal canteens could be used but may change the flavor).

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