SnapMap Not Working? Here's How To Fix It | Snapchat 2017

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What to do if your SnapMap isn't working.

SnapMap Not Working? Here's How To Fix It | Snapchat June 2017:

SnapMap not working? There are a few reasons that you might be having trouble. The most common reason that SnapMap may not be working is most likely a product update or a phone setting.

Below is a list of the most likely reasons your SnapMap might not be working!

1. Snap Map Fix One: Make Sure The Latest Snapchat App Update Is Installed

Here are The Steps To Download The Snapchat App:

  • Updating Snapchat via the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store

  • On your device, tap to open the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Play Store (for Android devices). Make sure you're connected to the internet.

  • Or you can click on the app download links below for both iPhone and Android Snapchat users:

  • iPhone Download for latest version of Snapchat app

  • Android Google Play Download for latest version of Snapchat app

  • Navigate to the tab where your app updates are displayed, which should be "Updates" in the App Store and "My Apps" in the Play Store. If an update to your Snapchat app is available, it will be shown here. You may need to refresh and/or wait for this tab to load to see all the latest updates.

  • Tap "Update" beside the Snapchat app. The latest version will then begin downloading and installing on your device. After a few seconds up to a few minutes (depending on your connection), you'll be able to open the new version of the app to start using it.

  • That's all there really is to it -- it's no different than updating any other app you have installed on your device. Snapchat is always releasing new features related to chatting, emoji, filters, lenses, stories and more that you won't want to miss.

2. Snap Map Fix Two: Make Sure Your Phone Has The Most Recent Update Installed

If your iPhone or Android is too far behind on the latest updates, you could have an issue even being able to download the latest version of Snapchat.

Snap Map Fix Three: Make Sure That You Know Where To Find SnapMap In Snapchat

If the first two fixes​ weren't the issue and you know you have the latest version of Snapchat installed on your phone make sure that you know how to find SnapMap in Snapchat. You can read: How To Use Snapmap | Snapchat June 2017 Update for more information on how to use SnapMap!


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