America's Tweeting: Obama Is Basically That Ex-Boyfriend That Got Away


Baby Come Back ...

Basically, we're emotionally confused, so let's break it down.

Americans are tweeting all about Barack Obama on vacation and it's become very clear in the last week that we all have some mixed feelings about seeing him so happy. We feel a bit torn, we're like "happy" for him, but then, there's that other nagging feeling that's hard to place, right?

Here's Obama leaving the White House, sad, sad, sad


Since leaving the White House, Obama has quickly settled into vacation mode

Here he is at the beginning of his vacation:

He started out a little shy, the backwards cap was playful tho. (yay tiny clap)

BUT THEN: Vacation studding and blocking America's number ...

Who are you even?

We're like seeing our ex-bae in a new glorious light and it's not even Snapchat filtered ...

baby come back ...

We've lost all pride

I mean, who knew ... he's just flourishing out there

But America ... There's no amount of sweet-talking we can do to convince him to come back

I mean Biden had our back at first, but now we're not even sure if they talk any more ...

Sometimes you may find yourself wondering -- Was it ever really real?

Trying not to be bitter about your happiness ...

I'm not a salty ex-bae

... don't look at me cry

But deep down we only want love from you

Well, we might also want your secrets

Cause we just want to be chill AF too

Maybe we can still be friends?

Oh who are we kidding, we'll always want more!!! ...

Here's looking at you kid ...

h/t Buzzfeed

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