New Snapchat Custom In App GeoFilters | Snapchat July 2017 Update

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New to Snapchat custom in-app Geofilters.

Snapchat Custom In App Geofilters | Snapchat July 2017 Update:

The new Snap Map release was just the beginning this July 2017, Snapchat custom in app geo filters were just announced today in a Snapchat press release.

While Snapchat has been letting users create custom geofilters since the start of last year, this new app update makes it even easier because everything is right there in Snapchat.

Please Note: You'll need the latest Snapchat update released today to use the custom geofilters!

Each day, Snapchatters submit tens of thousands of Geofilter designs for their engagements and weddings, parties, vacations, graduations, and so much more.

In their 8:00 am press release​, June 28th, Snapchat said:

"this morning Starting today, we're making it easier to design a custom Snapchat filter! Snapchatters can now create filters right in the Snapchat app, and customize them with many of the same Creative Tools available to decorate Snaps!

To get started, simply tap "On-Demand Geofilters" in Settings to check out our all-new mobile creative studio. From there, you can pick a theme for your filter and add personal flair with text, Bitmojis, and Stickers."

1. Where To Find The New Custom Snapchat Geofilters:

To find the new feature simply go to the Settings section of Snapchat and tap "On-Demand Geofilters." There a whole creative Geofiler mobile studio at your finger tips!

2. How do I create an On-Demand Geofilter in Snapchat?

Direct from Snapchat, here is how to creat the On-Demand Geofilters!

Please Note: Snapchat wants users to know that this feature is only available in the USA, at this time but they have plans to expand this functionality internationally.

  • Go to your camera screen, and tap the icon in the top-left to go to your profile
  • Tap the ⚙️ button to go to your settings
  • Tap ‘On-Demand Geofilters'
  • Tap the button in the top right to create a new Geofilter
  • Choose what your Geofilter is for
  • Choose one of our templates to get started
  • Edit your Geofilter 🎨 You can tap to edit text that's part of the template, or drag it into the trash. You can even add your own text and stickers!
  • Tap the ☑️ button when your Geofilter looks just right
  • Name your Geofilter — we suggest something easy to recognize
  • Schedule your Geofilter ⏰ Choose a start time and an end time — your Geofilter can last anywhere from an hour to weeks or more!
  • Map out the area you want your Geofilter to cover 🗺️ Drag the points of your geofence to change its shape, and pinch your fingers in and out to change its size! Your Geofilter's price will automatically update based on how big your - Geofence is.
  • Double-check all the info on your Geofilter order
  • Tap ‘Submit' to send your Geofilter our way for approval 🙌 We'll notify you once it's been approved — then, all you'll need to do is confirm your payment!

Happy Snapping!

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