Here's Why The New Instagram Update With The "Follows You" Feature May Not Be Working On Your iPhone

New Instagram Follows You Feature Update Not Working On iOS

Is the "Follows You" feature not working on iPhone iOS?

New Instagram "Follows You" Feature Update Not Working On iPhone:

Is the new Instagram follows you feature update not working on iPhone? You're not alone.

If you're not aware of what the new 'follows you' feature does, when you visit another users profile now on Instagram, you will see a "follows you" label. You can see an example of this highlighted in red in the image below.

If you don't see "follows you," on their profile page, well... that means they don't currently follow you back. Aside from what the new updates means for Instagram users, there seems to be lot of iPhone users out there that aren't able to get the new feature to appear, even when they have the latest Instagram app update.

Why Is The Instagram "Follows You" Feature Not Working On iPhone?

The Answer:

The "follows you" feature is only available for Android users right now. Instagram users that are currently running the app off of an iPhone or iOS device will not be able use the new "follows you" feature until Instagram releases a new iOS update. Instagram has assured users, however, that this new feature will become available soon for iOS, so hang-tight iPhone users!

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