Lady Gaga Drops New Album "Joanne", and It's Everything We Wanted

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Joanne arrived October 21st. The album is named after Gaga's late aunt who died from lupus at the age of 19; Joanne is also the singer's middle name.

Nearly three years after the release of Artpop, Lady Gaga is back and draped in pastels. On Friday, the pop star's new album Joanne dropped, with a diverse range sprawling from the amped-up rock of "Perfect Illusion" to "Million Reasons," her soulful tearjerker. Now that the rest of the songs have been released, we have a more complete picture of the dreamy country twang Joanne has to offer. It's hard to say if it's Lady Gaga's best album to date — each one is so vastly different from the last — but it sure strikes a powerful chord from the first note to the last.

"I might not be flawless, but you know I've got a diamond heart."

Joanne opens in earnest with "Diamond Heart," which proceeds with a sleepy build to the chorus. "I might not be flawless, but you know I've got a diamond heart," Gaga croons. By the time I reached the bridge, where Gaga's voice really soars, I was in. "Good thing I know what I'm worth," she belts. Going into "A-YO" and the much slower, guitar-driven melody of "Joanne," it's clear that nostalgic American vibe — country, rock and roll, and maybe even a little bit of folk — is where we'll live. At this point in my personal experience with the album, I've unpacked some boxes and moved right in.