How To Deal With A Bipolar Boyfriend

A boyfriend with Bipolar Disorder can be tough.

How To Deal With A Bipolar Boyfriend:

Having a Bipolar Boyfriend is often a difficult thing to deal with. When you have a Bipolar Boyfriend, even if you don't live together, you'll eventually encounter one of their mood swings. Your Bipolar Boyfriend may need your help and by learning these coping strategies you can learn how to better handle his inevitable mood swings.

Bipolar Disorder can be a bumpy ride sometimes that can be both exhilarating and devastating. When your boyfriend experiences a low period, you can often feel helpless when it comes to what to do.

Sometimes your partner may find out during your relationship that they have Bipolar Disorder. While this can put things into perspective, some damage may have already been done to the relationship before you both knew what might be wrong.

Understanding the Bipolar spectrum and what type of Bipolar Disorder your partner has is essential to understanding what you can do to help.

Bipolar Boyfriend: 9 Tips for Coping:

Here are some tips for effectively dealing with a Bipolar Boyfriend:

1. Breathe. Having A Bipolar Boyfriend Is Rough:

When things become too overwhelming remember to take a step back if you need to. By taking time to breathe we can focus on what really need to done in tough times. Bipolar Disorder is a chronic disease and the disease is not your boyfriend.


2. Build support. Your Bipolar Boyfriend Has A Disease:

Caring for someone with a disease can keep make you only think of the other persons needs. Your boyfriend has bipolar but you also need support yourself to help him deal with it. Don't be afraid to ask other for help and build a support system. You can join a support group people with bipolar partners.

Working with a therapist can always help as well, they can give you advice when things get rough. Seek support from family and friends, whoever you know has your back in times of need.

3. Enforce Meds On Your Bipolar Boyfriend:

You might want to make it clear to your Bipolar boyfriend that taking his medication is non-negotiable. If your partner can't maintain balance when he's office his meds, he could be a danger to you, himself or others.

4. Recall Your Love Beyond Bipolar:

Whenever you have a Bipolar boyfriend, there are going to be hard times. When times are hard try to remember the love​ you share. As long as you still want to try to make things work, try to remember the man you fell in love with.

5. Keep Talking To Your Boyfriend About His Bipolar:

There may be stretches of time where everything is fine and then, there may also be days or weeks when it is not easy, but communication is essential.

Ultimately, working through issues like this with your partner will give you a unique depth of compassion, just imagine how confusing it is to feel how he feels.

6. Understand Your Boyfriend's Triggers:

When your boyfriend is in a stable mood, pay close attention to what environmental triggers precipitated and are maintaining the stability. Often there are specific environmental stressors or soothers — including relationship issues — that influence mood swings. Use the soothers to help maintain the mood that both of you are desiring.

7. Get away:

Realize what keeps you sane in your relationship. Sometimes it's your job, for which you occasionally travel. Or maybe you just plain need to get some space from your boyfriend every now and then. This is healthy and okay.

8. Laugh:

Whether you can insert humor into the situation and get a good response is highly individual. However, often humor is a good way of helping someone with bipolar disorder. It lightens the mood and can help them, even if it's just making a depressive episode less dark.

9. Ask Your Boyfriend What He Needs:

Despite the mood swings, your boyfriend can tell you what he needs. Ask your boyfriend the best things you can do when he slips into an undesirable mood. Create strategies and plans to help minimize the harmful effects these episodes might have on your relationship.

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