How To Be Street Smart As A Woman In NYC

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Are you NYC street savvy?


Let's be honest, it's a tough world out there safety wise for us women, there are some very real security threats we have to consider and frankly encounter quite often.

However, this can't stop us from the necessity to explore the world and enjoy the world around us. So we have to be: Prepared, Aware, and most importantly Trust Our Instincts. When it come to situations we may encounter on the street that make us just not feel right, those gut feelings are often right more than not.

New York City is a wonderful place, full of many good people, but a girls gotta have some street smarts if she's going to be navigating the city alone and even more importantly alone at night.

Here are some basic tips when you're traveling though the city. They may seem overkill, but trust me, you'd rather be cautious than get stuck in a scary situation where your safety is at risk. Even if you do find yourself in an unavoidable situation where you feel like you may be attacked, there are ways to quickly try to remove yourself from the situation, as long as you can keep calm and act quickly.

Otherwise, you may want to read The Five Self-Defense Moves You Need To Learn Right Now, so that you can protect yourself if things ever really do get physical!

#1 Consider picking a more populated subway car

Also in general try not to stand alone when waiting for a bus or a train at night.

#2 Walk like you know where you're going, no wide-eyed confused looks!

#3 **DO NOT** take dark shortcuts when you walk home.

#4 Keep your keys in-hand for protection

Somewhere like a bodega where there is most likely cool staff that will help you get out of harms way.

#5 If someone is following you, head to a non-sketchy area ASAP

#6 If a car bothers you walking, cops say, "walk the opposite direction."

Or run! Do this as much as you need to. The motorcreep will usually get discouraged.

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