HBD Harry Styles: 23 GIFS That Celebrate 23 Fabulously Weird Years


One Direction, One Year Older.

I mean who doesn't love Harry Styles?

To celebrate this strange and fabulous creatures 23rd birthday, here are 23 GIFs that exemplify why we love you Harry:

He's not afraid of his feminine side.

He's always up for trying new things.

Because that one time he forgot how to walk.

He's got a need for speed.

When he was srsly all of us fishing.

When he worked it like he's supposed to do.

When you understood his appeal, his eyes steal souls ...

When he had short hair.

When he had long hair.

When his hair was in a bun.

Basically, any time he had hair.

When he got uncontrollable giggles.

Cause dose cheeks.

When he just wanted to set the world on fire.

Because he's okay with being confused af.

Cause he clearly doesn't know how to make beds.

it's okay, you probably will never need to make it.

HBD Harry! You keep doing you! XO

h/t Huffingtonpost

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