Stop Being So Darn Polite: 7 Times You Should Just Say No


"When you say YES to others, make sure you are not saying NO to yourself." – Paulo Coelho

Always saying yes isn't healthy:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying no. Here is a list of times where saying NO is WAY better than a YES!

1. if it's only a yes-to-stress -- Say NO!

2. If saying no gives you the time to pursue other things that are better for you.

3. when saying no is actually saying yes to previous obligations you have already committed to.

4. When saying no positively affects your health.

No can give you the ability to recharge and in general be a healthier more balanced person.

5. When saying yes is only out of guilt. Doing so will likely lead to additional stress and resentment.

6. It's something you don't feel strongly about and is not important that you do --- take a pass.

7. when saying yes goes against and conflicts with your personal values.

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