What's The Verdict On Magnetic Eyelashes? Real Women Weigh In After Testing The New Eyelash Trend

Do Magnetic Eyelashes Really Work?
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Is the new magnetic eyelash trend a real thing? Do magnetic eyelashes really work?

There's a lot of discussion about magnetic eyelashes these days, but many potential buyers want to know, do magnetic eyelashes really work?

Basically, if you're into eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes are for you, especially if you're like me and could never manage to figure out how to apply lashes at home or have the money to get eyelash extensions.

Just for frame of reference, if you get a pair of lashes applied at a salon it can cost you anywhere from $100 to $200 for lash extensions that will only last you ONE MONTH.

According to the [PopSugar](https://www.popsugar.com] writer, Brinton Parker, "They're a f*cking godsend," which is promising, but even then, what are the brands that can be trusted? Which brand should you buy?

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Magnetic eyelashes are not only easy to use, they're 100% reusable and super affordable if you consider your other option of having to go to the salon for new extensions every month.

So, Which One's Should You Buy?

Hands down the highest rated and vouched for company selling magnetic lashes is One Two Cosmetics. One Two Lashes is the company's most popular magnetic eyelash line and they're the world's first magnetic lashes.

The best part about these magnetic eyelashes is that they're so easy to apply and the micro-magnets are so small you can't see them at all when you're wearing the falsies!

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