DIY Nostalgic Costumes Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

care bears

Be a kid again this Halloween and try one of these DIY nostalgic costumes! They'll transport you back to the 80's, 90s and early 2000s! Bring back the Care Bear power or spritely steal some stars as Rainbow Brite!

#1. Treasure Troll Squad!!

learn how to DIY this super cute treasure troll costume here!.

# 2. Care Bear Power! ✌️

All you need really is some colored felt and hoodies!

#3. Helga from “Hey Arnold!”

#4. Realistic Rubik's Cube Costume

You can learn how to make your own rubik's cube costume on instructables!.

#5. Lisa Frank Yourself!

Checkout Andrea Garcia's youtube page for more on how to Lisa Frank yourself for Halloween and also for additional amazing costume DIY's.

#6 Tamagotchi

#7. The Power Puff Girls!

#8. My Little Ponies!

#9. Daria & Jane - La la la la la

#10. Oblina from “Aaah!! Real Monsters

#11. Cat Dog!

One fine day with a woof and a purr a baby was born and it caused a little stir no blue bug and no three-eyed frog just a feline canine little catdog

#12. Cher & Dee from Clueless!

#13. Rainbow Brite

#14. Carmen Sandiego 🔎😎

All you need is a red trench coat and a hat for this one ladies! Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I dunno, but read how Jessica Quirk rocked this costume on her What I Wore tumbler page!

#15. Stick Stickly

Don't pretend you don't remember this Nickelodeon staple?!