iPhone New Screen Recording Feature Makes It Easy To Record On Instagram, But Are Users Notified If You Record?

How To Screen Record An Instagram Video On iPhone & Repost

Can someone see if you screen record on Instagram? A lot of Instagram users are asking this questions after the new iOS 11 update Apple released last week. While iOS 11 may have created more problems than fixes, and the verdicton the update is still out, there was one cool new feature that allows iPhone Screen Recording.

Naturally social media users used to Snapchat's never ending screenshot (and now screen recording notifications) are wondering what this means for Instagram. Most Instagram users are pretty excited about the new Screen Record feature and the doors it opens up for easily regramming video posts. But, if you do record a users Instagram post or story, can they see?

The Answer:



Similar to the screenshot feature a user will not know if you take a screen recording of their Instagram post or story, at least as of right now,

If Instagram sticks with its history of not notifying users of screenshots, it's safe to assume that the app won't be notifying users of screen recordings anytime soon either. However, it is always good to check back every now and then, just incase Instagram's privacy settings may have changed.

If you want to use the new screen recording feature, make sure you have the most recent iOS update from Apple. You can easily download the new update by clicking on the link below!


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