Can Someone See If You Screen Record A Snap On Snapchat?

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Can Someone See If You Screen Record A Snap On Snapchat?

Apple's new iOS 11 update came with the ability to screen record on the iPhone and naturally avid social media users want to know, can someone see if you screen record a snap on Snapchat?

Screenshots are old news, but given Snapchat's screenshot notifications, it's no wonder that so many users flocked to Twitter and Google wondering about Snapchat and iPhone's new iOS 11 screen record feature.

To make matters even more confusing, however, are the many conflicting reports from Twitter users as to whether Snapchat does indeed now send notifications when you screen record a snap.


Yes AND No.

Snapchatters be warned. The Telegraph confirmed, that while users of the latest Snapchat version (10.17.5) built on iOS 11, will notify users if screen recording is being used, to be notified or get caught of a screen recording it requires both sender and receiver to be updated to the latest version!

So, while Snapchat confirmed that the lastest version of the app alerts users when the screen recording tool is used to capture snaps or Snapchat chat conversations, the older versions do not. This means that there is definitely a way someone could screen record your snaps or snapchat chats and no notification would be sent!

Need more information? Check out the Snapchat Support page to find answers to questions that still need answers!

Happy Snapping!

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