Aquarius July 2017 Love Horoscopes


"When it is darkest, men finally see the stars" - Emerson

Aquarius July 2017 Love Horoscope:

If you're looking for your Aquarius July 2017 Love Horoscope, you're in luck. The Aquarius July 2017 Monthly Horoscope could prove to be an enchanting ride in the love department!

Your May 2017 Love Horoscope had things getting pretty steamy, and your June 2017 Monthly Horoscope brought major positive change in all areas of your life, but just watch out - your July horoscope is truly going to be mixing things up.

This coming month you'll get what you ask for - but to quote Emerson, you must remember:

"When it is darkest, men finally see the stars"

July is the month of Cancer, which addresses our foundational emotional needs. It is about nurturing, caring, and protecting on a foundational level, and symbolizes that which helped us distinguish our emotions in our early childhood and throughout our formative years.

We are who we are. You are who YOU areā€¦and you have a say in the matter. Yes. You have a say in the matter of your life. You have say in whether you stand for your true feelings or not. So, who are you choosing to be? How do you feel about your life?

July 2017 Aquarius Love Forecast - Single:

Aquarius, there are bound to be days, like the 1st of July 2017, when you just aren't feeling one hundred percent. Maybe you're moody, maybe you're a little low energy. Maybe a work project isn't running perfectly, or maybe you and your love bunny have some sort of minor disagreement. Don't worry too much, but do try to do something to give yourself a boost. After all, if you're happy, you're going to be way more productive in the long run.

The Aquarius July 2017 monthly horoscope forecasts that by the slightly tricky 5th and 6th, you really want to be careful in your dealings with others, both personally and professionally. It's up to you to express yourself on the 9th and 10th. By the absolutely lovely 15th, 16th and 17th, you are in a very good place. The sun is shining and you are on top of the world! Make a date to hang out with your relatives on the 23rd. They'll really appreciate the quality time, and you will, too. By the 28th, you're feeling pretty emotional again. Go with it. Exercise your independence on the 31st. It's high time you made your position clear.

July 2017 Aquarius Love Forecast - In A Relationship:

Aquarius, if you're not at your best on the 1st, take note. But don't cancel that first date you've got scheduled! It might turn out to be just what the doctor ordered to get your mind off work. But do give yourself a break. And let them know that you've had a long day. If they're worth your time, they'll go out of their way to cheer you up.

The July 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius zodiac sign suggest to take things (romantic and otherwise) slowly on the 5th and 6th. You want to be at full speed before you make any really big decisions. Want to know the secret to healthy relationships? Expressing yourself! So tell them what's on your mind on the 9th and 10th.

The Aquarius astrology forecasts for July 2017 also show that you are in for a downright romantic idyll on the 15th, 16th and 17th. Whether you're picnicking or going to the opera, you two are in a very, very, very smoochy place. Family time is important, too, so hang out with your little nieces or your great uncle or your urban family on the 23rd. You'll all enjoy the quality time! And it'll help you get in a more romantic mood, too, to reconnect with folks you truly trust. Tap into your feelings on the 28th. Do your own thing on the 31st.


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