27 Of The BEST 'March For Science' Protest Signs


UP and ATOM...

As thousands of scientists and their supporters convened on Earth Day 2017 for the March for Science, many got their messages across with colorful and candid protest signs.

The March for Science is a movement to defend science against proposed government cuts and political interference.

The March for Science was decorated by folks dressed in lab coats and pink knit brain hats. There were costumed marchers and even their pets were in science-themed attire. However, the most notable of all the science-themed accessories had to be the many, many creative signs.

The March for Science website is using the hashtag #NoSidesInScience.

Here are 27 of the BEST protest signs from Saturday’s March for Science:

1. I Can't Believe I'm Marching For Facts

2. So Bad, Even The Introverts Are Here

3. I was told to bring a SINE.

4. I Am A Software Engineer, I Should Be In My Mom's Basement, Not Out Here Protesting This Shit!

5. Make America Full Of Bees Again

6. Time To React

7. Ice Has No Agenda, It Just Melts


9. The Only Orange Muppet I Trust

10. Got The Plague? Me Neither, Thanks Science!

11. I Am: Pro-Science

12. Science Belongs To Everyone - Cheers Bill Nye


14. Powered By Science, Strengthened By Diversity

15. No Science, No Beer

16. Science Made Dinosaurs - Awesome!

17. Think, While It's Still Legal

18. Science Is Real

19. UP and ATOM!

20. No Science, No Death Star

21. Facts, The Only Thing Better Than Unicorns

22. Science Put Us On The Moon

23. Girls Just Want To Have FUN-ding For Their Scientific Research

24. I'm With Her -> Fizzle 2020

25. What Do We Want? Evidence Based Research! When Do We Want It? After Peer Review!

26. Science Has No Borders, Neither Does Climate Change!


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