12 Best Astrology Instagram Accounts


The BEST place to get your astrology on Instagram.

What are the best Instagram astrology accounts?

There are lots of new age Instagram accounts that don't focus on JUST astrology. But, what are the best Instagram accounts for Astrology? What if you're not looking for chakra healing or info about crystal energy? If you're only looking for your daily horoscopes or a too real astrology meme? In an effort to make your astrology​ and horoscopes on Instagram easier to find, here is a list we have compiled of the top 10 absolute best Instagram accounts that are devoted JUSTto astrology. This way you don't have to get lost searching in the Instagram astrology vortex... unless of course, you want to!

1. Bad Ass Astrology

More info: @badasstrology

2. Astro Meme Queen

More info: @astromemequeen

3. Know The Zodiac

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More info: @knowthezodiac

4. Sharpe Astrology

More info: @sharpeastrology

5. Horoscopes._.Posts

hope everyone had a great weekend!

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More info: horoscopes._.posts

6. Zodiac Shack

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More info: @zodiacshack

7. Horoscopepost.s

like this if you are active on Instagram

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More info: @horoscopepost.s

8. Daily Horoscope Posts


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More info: @dailyhoroscopeposts

9. Horoscopes.Astrology

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More info: horoscopes.astrology

10. Horoscope Life Posts

More info: @horoscopelifeposts

11. Super.Zodiacs

More info: @super.zodiacs

12. Best Daily Horoscope On Instagram (@zodiacdailyhoroscopes)

#pisces #daily #horoscope #dailyhoroscope #zodiac

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More info: @zodiacdailyhoroscopes

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