Most Christians Can't Ace This New Testament Challenge. Can You?

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How well do you remember the New Testament?

Take this quiz to see if you really know the New Testament by answering questions about its characters, stories and Gospels.

 Feb 01, 2018

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Who is the main figure featured in the New Testament?
John the Baptist

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How many Gospels are there in the New Testament?

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Who of the following is not an author of the Gospels?

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What is the name of the 21 letters included in the New Testament?

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The Book of Revelation is a book of prophecy. True or false?

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How many loaves of bread did Jesus use to feed the crowd?

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What was the name of the sea on which Jesus walked?
The Mediterranean Sea
The Sea of Galilee
The Dead Sea

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What is the name of the boy who ran away from home and wasted his money?
The Prodigal Son
The Lost Sheep
The Good Samaritan

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What is the name of the tax-collector in Jericho?

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What did Jesus say to the men who wanted to stone the adulteress?
“Love your enemies.”
“Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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In which gospel is Jesus referred to as "the word"?

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Who helps a man beaten and left on the side of the road when nobody else would?
The Prodigal Son
The Good Samaritan

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Besides Jesus, who else walks on water?

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What are evangelists?
Followers of Moses
Gospel writers
People who opposed Jesus' teachings

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Who baptized Jesus?
John the Baptist
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