80s Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Phrases Do You Actually Know?


Stop wiggin'...come take this totally tubular quiz!

A quiz about the various slang words in the United States during the 1980s, including "righteous," "tubular," and more.

 Mar 11, 2018

1 of 18Pick your answer!

What does "Gnarly" mean?

2 of 18Pick your answer!

This iconic 80s term is used to address a person, and it still used frequently today.

3 of 18Pick your answer!

Bogart = ______.
To be an actor
To share
To hog

4 of 18Pick your answer!

If something is "Tubular", that means it is...
a mistake
in a cylinder shape

5 of 18Pick your answer!

Freddy = ______.
A kiss
A nerd
A beer

6 of 18Pick your answer!

"What's your damage?" is a phrase used to express _______.

7 of 18Pick your answer!

Bogus = _______

8 of 18Pick your answer!

If you tell a person "Bag your face", that means they are....
very attractive
talking too much

9 of 18Pick your answer!

What does it mean to be "wiggin' out"?
freaking out
becoming less grateful
calming down

10 of 18What does this word mean?

"Fresh" in 80s slang means...

11 of 18What does this word mean?

Rad = ______.
stressed out

12 of 18Pick your answer!

Clutch = ______.
Very good, or cool
Fearful or insecure

13 of 18Pick your answer!

If something is "far out", that means it is...
not very smart
far away

14 of 18Pick your answer!

Finish this 80s phrase: "______ to the max!"

15 of 18Pick your answer!

Homefry = ______.
Close or best friend
Another name for McDonald’s
Place of residence

16 of 18Pick your answer!

This term is used to describe something totally cool or radical:

17 of 18Pick your answer!

"Where's the Beef?" is what you say when....
you want to start a fight with someone
something important is missing from a situation
you are given a veggie burger

18 of 18Pick your answer!

Bootleg = ______.
Something that is generic, not the real thing
To steal
To drive fast around the corner
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